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    Travel to Indonesia

    No shop was selling any SIM card to tourist outside Labuan Bajo airport because of the need for registration Sep 2018. As we still have time before the LoB set sailed, the dive shop manager sent one of his staff to get the phone registered at the specific place. Of course we paid for the motor...
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    Travel to Indonesia

    Is the registration has to be done in person? Representative NOT permitted? "Agent" can always circumvent certain rules. This is Indonesia.
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    Travel to Indonesia

    Since 2018 SIM card purchased in Indonesia needed to be registered.,to%20register%20your%20IMEI%20number. Complicated? Someone at the hotel might be able...
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    How many dives does it take for one to be competent?

    I have done the rescue cause yrs ago but how will I react to a real situation is one thing that I have no wish to find out.
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    Places with little to no current

    Choose the destination carefully. Anilao and Lembeh Strait attract photographers from all over the world with good reasons. And most of them if not all would prefer minimum or no current. With heavy photographic equipment to carry, swimming is the least they wanted.
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    How many dives does it take for one to be competent?

    I believe/think I am a competent diver!!!!! But I have no real experience in dealing with life threatening situation ever under water. So am I still competent? Diving is dangerous because we are in an hostile, unforgiving environment with potential deadly consequences. Take it easy as it is...
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    2nd stage Apeks ATX40 fine tuning

    I always check the IP first when my Apeks 2nd stage started to free flow slightly. It is easy to blame the rubber seat of the 2nd stage. The slight wriggle of the barrel is the weak link of Apeks 2nd stage but it has never caused any unwanted free flow for me. You might have a cracked/damaged...
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    Places with little to no current

    If current is an issue then LoB is NOT really suitable. Maldives also offers resort based diving. Have to contact the resort and raised the question with them. Anilao in Philippines, Koh Tao in Thailand and Lembeh Strait in Indonesia are three places that current is more or less non existence...
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    I found this on AliExpress. . .

    Has it arrived yet?
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    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me....

    A lot of divers in UK are using dry suit. The warm water of Scapa Flow even in the summer is around 8C. You are better off buying SS plate to compensate the dead weight you have to carry even diving wet.
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    Quick question on DIN conversion

    This is SB! Topic on O-ring evolves to car maintenance. Loving it. MOD might have different idea!
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    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me....

    Recreational wing and tec wing is completely different. Tec wing is usually 40lbs upward. "Taco effect" Suggestions for Selecting a Wing | Dive Gear Express®.
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    Quick question on DIN conversion

    Very unusual for Scubpro to include a spare O-ring?
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    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me.... US$349.00(30lb wing) US$399.00 will get you FREE shipping Internationally. No sure about the duty in UK though. Power inflator and IP gauge etc etc. US$599.00 for the above(34 lb wing) Tecline! That is a...
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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    Stranded at foreign airports is NOT a film but absolute reality. Plenty of hard luck stories. Closer at home:
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    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time Not sure if it is accurate now. But that is for entering into USA, for most countries in SE Asia it is 72hrs. Read the entry requirement for each country and this even apply within EU...
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    What is happening in Singapore right now?

    It shouldn't have happened in nursing home if enough precaution is implemented. It was the case in HK a yr ago but highly unlikely now. Mask was NOT mandatory in Singapore at the beginning of the outbreak last yr.
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    What is happening in Singapore right now? Singapore has by far the highest vaccination rate than all her neighbours. What is happening?
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Slight improvement.
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    Oceanic ProPlus 4 - better explanation for the "complications" section?

    That is an compliment! Absolutely awful. To the OP: If the computer has gone to Deco mode. You better follow its instruction diligently ie. slow ascent to the indicated first required stop depth. Any delay will only increase the deco obligation. The only exception is out of gas! Try not to let...
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