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    Pebble Beach

    Does anyone know if the road has been cleared yet at Pebble Beach? It was under 8 feet of rocks last time I was there.
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    Dive Sunday

    Anyone up for a dive Sunday? I'm thinking Fort Sewall.
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    Kayak Dive to The USS New Hampshire 10-14-12

    I'm planning on diving the New Hampshire on Sunday if anyone is interested in joining me.
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    Cape Ann Dives 4-29-12

    It was a beautiful day on Cape Ann today, ideal for diving. Thanks Dave and Joe for your accurate condition reports yesterday. I may not have dived if not for those. The first dive was Magnolia Rocks. There was a steady wind blowing, but the sea was pretty flat, just gentle waves washing over...
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    Where to dive Sunday 4-29

    Sunday is is my last day of vacation and I didn't get to do any of the dives I had planned. High seas and lousey vis was the rule of the week. I did get out Thursday and dove Cat Island. Conditions were as expected, lots of surge and vis in the 3-4 foot range. I want to dive tomorrow and will...
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    Baldpate Pond Boxford

    Has any ever dove Baldpate pond in Boxford. I'm thinking of trying it out within the next couple of weeks. I've spent a lot of time fishing the pond and have always wondered if it would be worth diving. It's listed at 41 feet max depth and a mostly gravel bottom. Might be some interesting finds.
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    Si Tech Dry Glove liners

    I have a question for all the neld winter divers. I made the switch this year to Si Tech Dry gloves. I love the gloves but my hands are still getting cold after about 45 minutes. The yellow fleece liners were ok when the water was in the 40's. When the water reached the 30's I started using 2...
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    Din Converter for Brut

    I recently purchased a din adaptor (SAA5300) for a Brut SRB7100. When installed the thumb wheel does not spin independently of the regulator. To mount it to the tank you need to spin the whole regulator onto the tank. Instead of holding the reg and spinning the wheel on. This can't be correct...
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    Dive Report 10-25-11 Marblehead Rock and Castle Rock

    Conditions were worse than I had hoped for, but not enough to deter me from my plan. I got to Castle Rock mid morning to find a moderate size swell coming in, hitting the rocks and spraying 20 feet in the air. There were a lot of people site seeing this day, and why not it was a gorgous day...
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    Night Dive Cape Ann 9-30

    I'm thinking about doing a night dive somewhere on Cape Ann Friday night. Anyone interested?
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    Dive Report 9-4-11

    Met up with a good friend from work at 7:00 at the boat ramp behind the Gloucester HS. We had been trying to get out since before Irene. I had brought him in a bag of scallops for him to try. He is a boat owner and an avid fisherman (my kind of guy). Within a couple of days he called me " I'll...
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    Piscataqua River

    Looking for a buddy to dive The Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor with. Portsmouth Scuba has a nice chart showing the dive sites. We could try for some old bottles or a scallop dive from shore.
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    Magnolia Rocks Parking

    I went to Magnolia this afternoon. Much to my dismay Lexington Ave has been peppered with NO PARKING signs!! Residents only Violators will be towed. When did this happen? Where do divers park now, so as not to irritate the residents any more than they already are?
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    Pebble Beach Dive report

    I went to work this morning, by noon I had had enough. I've been out of the water too long and decided it was a dive day. I hadn't dove Pebble Beach in years but for some reason that site was in my head. The conditions were perfect bright sun, calm seas and not an office or computer anywhere to...
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    Dive Buddy 4-22

    Looking for a dive buddy for this Friday. Location to be determined by weather, I'm open to suggestions.
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    Dive buddy Sunday April 10

    Hi, New to the board. Looking for a buddy to dive this weekend (Sunday) Thinking about Chandler Hovey Park. Any takers? Paul
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    Piscataqua River Diving

    Hello, I'm new to the board. I've been diving capeann for about 15 years, I've recently started thinking about other areas. The Piscataqua river and Portsmouth Harbor seem intriguing to me, but dangerous, not something I want to try solo. I'm looking for more information on the sites as well...