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  1. ScubaCrow

    St Thomas diving

    I've dove with Admiralty and Red Hook, both were good experiences. When I dove with Admiralty we actually loaded the dive boat at the Marina and then motored over the the Marriott to met the other divers at the Marriott pier. I don't think it could get more convenient than that.
  2. ScubaCrow

    Trip Report: Beqa Lagoon Resort, June 5-12 2010

    Thanks for the report, I fly out Monday. Can't wait.
  3. ScubaCrow

    Being THAT person

    I dive at the Millbrook quarry a couple of weekends a month. If you'd like to go dive for fun and help work out the kinks, let me know.
  4. ScubaCrow

    Learning SCUBA at 50?

    Although I'm a bit late to this discussion, I would recommend start swimming a few laps to ensure you are comfortable in the water. I teach for Adventure Scuba and they do most of their confined pool work at the Oak Mar Rec Center in Vienna. This time of year they offer the pool sessions at...
  5. ScubaCrow

    Average age of scuba divers

    50, but I hear it is the new 35.
  6. ScubaCrow

    Dive Ops near Marriott? Rent a Car?

    We stayed at the Marriott Beach Resort on 7 mile a couple of years ago. Red Sail Sports had a small shop there. I f think their bigger shop was located at another hotel. I was happy with their operation and would use them again.
  7. ScubaCrow

    Lost weight belt during rescue class at Millbrook

    Do you have any better idea where it went in relative to the boat? I'll be out that way tomorrow teaching and will take a look. Belts do tend to dig deep into the slit though.
  8. ScubaCrow

    Fins Found at Millbrook 8-16-09

    or scenery as the word should be.
  9. ScubaCrow

    Fins Found at Millbrook 8-16-09

    Ted, you really need a life. Hanging out on the Winnebago all day Saturday on your doubles isn't healthy. At least you should have gone over to the speedboat for a change of scenario.
  10. ScubaCrow

    Diving the Potomac River?

    Correction: They epitomize the camaraderie of the dive community..I just hang out with them when I have the time.
  11. ScubaCrow

    Diving the Potomac River?

    Dave Howe is the ringleader for the Institute of Maritime History. They survey the Potomac and adjacent waterways most weekends weather depending. Here is the URL:Institute of Maritime History | reposcere - consevare - educare Diving the Panther is a study in low/Zero viz diving. I would...
  12. ScubaCrow

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome to the board. I live in Chantilly and dive with Adventure Scuba. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  13. ScubaCrow

    NAUI and Diabetics

    As an 82 Air Force Academy Grad, I wish your brother good luck and diving. Fast, neat, average......
  14. ScubaCrow

    Washington DC

    Welcome to the area. I recommend you visit a couple of dive shops to get a feel for their approach. Also, ask if they know of anyone going out to Millbrook. The shops usually know who is going out. Adventure Scuba in Chantilly is hosting a diving Poker Run this Saturday at Millbrook. It...
  15. ScubaCrow

    Tell us about your entanglement experience?

    Interesting thread. Our police dive team recently offered an entanglement class in a local pool. Most of the class participants dive with the Institute of Maritime History and spend a lot of time diving in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. We also maintain the U-1105 by putting up the...
  16. ScubaCrow

    Millbrook Report?

    It is warming up. The temp at 89ft has warmed up three degrees since early April. It is now 44 degrees at the bottom. Viz is also closer to 15+ feet down there also.
  17. ScubaCrow

    Dive Gear at Mid-Atlantic Quarries

    I've never had a problem at Millbrook. Everyone leaves their cars/SUVs open and gear spread out on tarps.
  18. ScubaCrow

    Suggestions for Dive Op please!

    Red Sail Sports is the dive shop at the Marriott. I dove with them three years ago and found them to be professional with excellent rental equipment, dm's, and boats. They kept the size of the diving group small and didn't combine cruise divers with people staying on the island. Just another...
  19. ScubaCrow

    AARRGHhh from Northern Virginia

    XBonz Welcome to the area. Although not warm and clear, there is interesting diving in the area. Check out the Institute of Maritime History at IMH - INSTITUTE OF MARITIME HISTORY This is the group that maintains the U-1105 and does exploratory dives on sites in the Potomac and Chesapeake on...
  20. ScubaCrow

    Aeris Atmos Elite or Oceanic VT Pro

    I've used my Elite for three years or so and have never had a problem with it.
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