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  1. Kevster

    Walindi vs Uepi

    I have been to Raja Ampat, Waldini & Munda/Gizo/Bilikiki (close to uepi). RA- Has it all , very fishy, great reefs , mantas, good macro. Dive facilities/travel time to dive sites were good. Waldini - Has amazing reefs , nice visibility. One plane wreck. did not see any large marine life.Dive...
  2. Kevster

    How expensive is Fakarava/Rangiroa?

    This is an interesting post. Before i started to research my trip i had always thought of FP as a super expensive location. Flights- Tokyo-Tahiti approx $4500 business class return (I did not pay for my ticket). Hotels- Hotels in regular tourist hotspots e.g. Bora Bora are very expensive >$300...
  3. Kevster

    Trip Report - Rangiroa & Fakarava March 2015

    Think i saw your post on wet pixel. Fakarava was better than Rangiroa 60/40 split in terms of days would be about right.I only saw 1 manta and it was a brief swim by. There were a few large groups of fish. however i was told in Rangoria Aug/Sept/Oct s the time when fish appear in big groups. In...
  4. Kevster

    Trip Report - Rangiroa & Fakarava March 2015

    Trip Report – Rangiroa & Fakarava – March 2015 2 Week vacation all organised by Travel Agent Etahititravel. Flights – Tokyo – Papeete – Average flight. Poor food & limited entertainment on offer. Papeete – Rangoria – Short 1 hr flight. No problems with luggage. My carry on is...
  5. Kevster

    Need help--choosing adaptors for Rangiroa.......Will be there in a few weeks & starti

    Top dive are ok. I was there 6 weeks ago at rangoria,North and South fakarava. 14 dives, no complaints. Nice boats, good guides. Free nitrox. Most of the guides allowed me to dive with some freedom. Did 1 deep dive to 48 m. Only 1 guide was constantly wanting me to keep close, kept on asking...
  6. Kevster

    Early Jan. Anilao, PG and Palawan dive trip for 2 weeks need advice.

    Sangat Island Dive Resort: Home. Website to dive resort very close to the wrecks in Coron. I think they have a fast speedboat so it should only take 5-10 mins to get to the wrecks. If you stay in Coron town with teh other dive resorts , time to the wrecks is approx 60-90 mins
  7. Kevster

    Kerikite- New Dive resort

    Any reports- info for the new dive resort on Kerikite. It appears Exotic Malapascua has just opened a new resort here. Whats he diving like? Muck,reefs,walls?
  8. Kevster

    Anilao Trip Review Oct 2014

    Have to agree about Anilao Pier night dive. one of the best night dives i have ever done and i am not a night dive fan. Saw many Mimic octopus & squid. One advantage of staying at Club O, the pier dive is not too far away for a night dive.
  9. Kevster

    Early Jan. Anilao, PG and Palawan dive trip for 2 weeks need advice.

    Should be ok.i would suggest the following in order manila to Coron. Spend 5 nights in coron, 4 dive days. There are approx 7 main wrecks and normally the dive shops cycle dive spots each day. Therefore you can see 6 wrecks then have a dive day spare to dive barracuda lake or repeat wreck...
  10. Kevster

    Dive Resort in the Dumaguete - Dauin area?

    I am also considering a trip to atlantis during the Xmas break. Does anyone know how frequent trips are to see the whale sharks in oslob. Do they go once a week or much less frequent I.e it's a rare trip once or twice a year i assume it's number ,weather dependent. last time I stay at el...
  11. Kevster

    MV Febrina, Kimbe Bay PNG Trip Report

    Gee it sounds like you had some bad luck during your trip. My trip in Kimbe bay,Fathers & Witu Islands was one of my best ever dive trips, with perfect topside conditions & no current at any of the dive sites. Agree the boat is small, I was lucky the boat was only half full on my trip. Have to...
  12. Kevster

    Diving Kimbe Bay - seeking feedback

    I visited kimbe bay last year during April May. Top side conditions were perfect. No wind ,flat calm seas. I spent 10 days on the Febrina and a few days at walindi before the febrina trip. I posted a trip report in this forum.Most of the diving was wide angle fishy dives. Not much macro...
  13. Kevster

    Bangka/Lembeh solo in December/Jan?

    Do some more research regarding the weather. Lembeh is ok Dec/Jan , however Bangka & Bunaken area diving can be impacted by the weather during this time. One of the dive shops in Bangka normally closes at this time of year due to the weather (Lots if rain,wind & high seas).
  14. Kevster

    Diving prices on PNG compared to Cairns

    The most expensive cabin is approx $5000. However the cheapest cabin is approx $3500. PNG is just as expensive as Australia for diving. A good travel agent based in Cairns. I have used for several trips.
  15. Kevster

    Diver missing in the Bahamas

    During my trip , we use the lines a couple of times. Lines/rope of the back of the boat that you can hang onto if there is a bit of current. Normally used for 5-10 m mid water looking at reef sharks. My thoughts are with the family, friends and the crew of the shearwater. A difficult time for all.
  16. Kevster

    Truk - San Francisco Maru dive profile

    Thanks for the replies to my original post. I am just back from Truk. I did manage to dive the San Francisco (just myself & guide), bottom time 9 mins, 6 mins on the wreck, total dive time approx 26 mins. Deco time was short with slow ascent and a couple of deep stops. I could have stayed a...
  17. Kevster

    Palau - Chuuk - Yap Trip Report

    Palau, Truk & Yap Trip Report- Apr/Jun2014 Palau- Neco Marine & Aggressor II 18-28th April 2014 Weather- Great weather, blue skies, flat seas, a little rain. Land Based- Best Western Hotel. Very average hotel, good location. Would probably stay at Passion hotel next time. Neco Marine day...
  18. Kevster

    Truk - San Francisco Maru dive profile

    Dive Profile for San Francisco maru- I am heading to Truk next week (Blue lagoon resort) and i am considering diving the San Francisco Maru. My last visit to Truk (on the Odyssey) i skipped this dive due to depth. I believe the brigde is approx 45-50m and deck around 50+m. I would like to see...
  19. Kevster

    Solomon Islands or Eastern Indonesia

    Hotels in Munda, Solomon Islands. Book Munda hotels online and save with
  20. Kevster

    Solomon Islands or Eastern Indonesia

    Munda is a great place to dive, wrecks, reefs, sharks,rays, and lots of stunning coral. Topside islands are also very pretty with lots of war history. I really enjoyed Munda. I have travelled throughout Indo , including Ambon. The reefs are not as nice but bio-diversity of huge, lots of macro...
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