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  1. lord1234

    Dental issues with diving

    Obviously, teeth are an extremely important part of diving, as holding the regulator is vitally important. That being said I've been told a few things by my dentist 1) I have extremely strong cheek muscles 2) I have an overly strong bite 3) I have an extremely strong tongue 4) I bite "hard" but...
  2. lord1234

    For Sale Canon 70D setup for sale

    Canon 70D body Canon 70d Ikelite housing(6870.70) 2x Ikelite DS125's(1 charger only) 1x Ikelite Dual Sync Cord 1x Ikelite Sync Cord Ikelite metal arms, 2 of each, 12", 8", 4" 2x Ocamo Float Arms, 8" canon 18-55 kit lens canon 10-18mm lens bunch of ball clamps(standard and triple) bunch of ports...
  3. lord1234

    For Sale Shearwater Petrel 2

    Petrel 2. Fresh update to latest firmware version(hence the 18min surface time). What you see is what you get. There is a name of previous owner written on the side but does not affect functionality Located in High Springs or St. Pete FL. Will ship if needed. 650
  4. lord1234

    For Sale Entry level Underwater dSLR photography(entry price!)

    500$ shipped(located in Tampa/St.Pete/Cave Country for easy pickup) Ikelite Underwater Housing #6870.1 Ikelite Dome Port with cover 2x Ikelite EV sensor 2x Ikelite Substrobe 50s Ikelite Adjustable Ball arm Ikelite TTL cable 2x Canon Rebel camera(EOS 300D) Canon 18-55 kit lens 16GB memory card...
  5. lord1234

    1" to 3/4" locline adapter?

    Does such a thing exist? Is there any way to get one?
  6. lord1234

    Klein CO Analyzer?

    Has anyone used one of these and compared them to the sensorcon's? I'd love to hear if they are just as good/sensitive and able to provide good readings for a diver.
  7. lord1234

    For Sale Halcyon R14 DPV

    1700$ plus shipping(located in St. Petersburg Florida or Cave Country DPV Model : Halcyon R14 Burn Time at Max Speed : 70 minutes Burn Time at Cruise Speed : 90 minutes Speed : 55 m/min 180 ft/min Battery Type : Nickel Metal Hydride NiMh Range Cruise Speed : 4.11 km / 2.56 mi Range Max Speed ...
  8. lord1234

    Motionsick...should I liveaboard?

    So, I get motion sick pretty easily. Should I both doing a liveaboard? Wife and I are heading to Thailand next year and its a decision between shore excursions and a 7 day liveaboard.
  9. lord1234

    DIN To Nasal Canula?

    I carry an oxygen bottle with me but am always curious if there is a surface adapter for it, to be used if you need to provide oxygen on the surface. Is there an adapter from DIN to a O2 regulator to a continuous delivery canula? Does such a device exist?
  10. lord1234

    Narrow Eustachian tubes and diving?

    My wife has struggled with very narrow eustachian tubes and difficulty clearing. When she uses Afrin(name brand only) at least an hour before dives, she can dive just fine, but without she can barely clear past 5 feet. We're considering a ballon sinuplasty as a remedy, but am wondering if...
  11. lord1234

    O2 Clean Haskel 15/30 For sale

    A friend asked me to post this on his behalf: Haskel AGT 15/30, Freshly serviced by Haskel last year for o2 clean service. Used once since then (last month) to prove that everything worked/was kosher. Comes with o2 clean whip, digital gauge, etc. Price: 4000 with free shipping(located in Nevada...
  12. lord1234

    For Sale Halcyon EOS LED light(cordless)

    Brand New. Never been in water. EOS Cordless LED primary or backup light. Comes with everything pictured. Light, Case, Bolt Snap, Charger, Manual. Retail price brand new is 800$, so I'm asking for 75% of the price. 600$ shipped to your door
  13. lord1234

    Wtb In Texas: Bank Bottles/cascade Bottles

    Looking for a few large bank bottles. Willing to drive a decent ways from Austin to pick them up...
  14. lord1234

    Liability of going pro?

    So every thing I have ever heard of advancing to the DM or higher levels is that "you're liable forever". Is that true? Are you liable outside of a classroom/teaching environment? Can someone tell me liability in the following scenarios: 1) I am on a boat with 5 other people. 1 of those...
  15. lord1234

    14cf Argon bottle mounting straps

    As title says, want a set of the Argon mounting straps to mount the bottle to your tanks/doubles.
  16. lord1234

    Help me ID this reg

    I received this reg in a package deal, but neither the seller nor myself have any idea what it is... Someone suggested it was an Apeks knock off, and upon taking it apart many parts look similar, but it definitely doesn't match up with any Apeks or Hog parts kit I have laying around...any...
  17. lord1234

    Aqualung Cousteau Glacia DIN for sale

    Aqualung Cousteau Glacia DIN for sale. Balanced membrane first stage Cousteau has two high pressure ports and four low-optimally positioned for easy hose routing. Not recently serviced, so will require dealer service prior to diving. 85 shipped.
  18. lord1234

    Cave1, High Springs Oct3rd->Oct8th, Doug Mudry, Buddy Needed!

    Cross posting because I know that many of us do not look at the trips/marketplace forum often: I have a class booked for 10/3 with Doug Mudry. Sadly, it seems my buddy has dropped out, so I'm up a creek without a paddle. This is where you come in! Have you thought about taking C1, and just...
  19. lord1234

    Cave1, High Springs Oct3rd->Oct8th, Doug Mudry, Buddy Needed!

    I have a class booked for 10/3 with Doug Mudry. Sadly, it seems my buddy has dropped out, so I'm up a creek without a paddle. This is where you come in! Have you thought about taking C1, and just needed a push in that direction? Now is the time! More class info/registration info is here...
  20. lord1234

    Zinc springs and corrosion

    For years, I've always read about the dangers of zinc, and how it will give out on you at any moment, etc etc etc. Is this still an accepted statement? I'm asking because I have been diving (for well more then a year) bolt snaps which I bought from Lowes. They were labeled as stainless...