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  1. Testudo

    Caribbean shore snorkeling options

    While the best places to see an abundance of healthy coral and varied marine life snorkeling Grand Cayman are farther from shore than say, STJ, there still are plenty of close to shore (25-100 yds) sites for great snorkeling (i.e. Healthy Coral + Marine life). Places like Barefoot Beach...
  2. Testudo

    Snorkeling in Hawaii (Maui and Big Island)

    I snorkeled the Kona side last fall and found the snorkeling to be pretty good. The highlight for me was snorkeling with a pod of dolphins at Two-step. Overall the fish counts and diversity was a little less than I am accustomed to from snorkeling in Cayman, but sadly the corals were still not...
  3. Testudo

    Top places for snorkeling in Caribbean

    While I'm partial to Little Cayman and Grand Cayman as having some of the best snorkeling from shore in the Caribbean, I think overall, Roatan was the best for the mix of healthy coral and marina life within easy reach. I've also snorkeled in Curacao (thought it was OK), the Grenadines (OK with...
  4. Testudo

    GC - North side and East side - shore dive sites?

    Here's the shore diving guide (they also did a snorkeling guide) that inspired me to create my snorkel guides. I cannot vouch for how accurate the guides may be or good the shore dive sites are, but I'll leave that to SCUBA divers for comment. Grand Cayman Islands Scuba Diving, the Cayman...
  5. Testudo

    Cheap Hotel for a few nights on 7MB near 7MB

    Harbourview Apartments. Not on SMB, nothing fancy, but rather in George Town not far from Lobster Pot Dive center. Harbour View Apartments TripAdvisor Reviews
  6. Testudo

    The Last supper......:-)

    Tukka has become our favorite out of the local East End/North Side options. The staff is truly great and Chef Ron runs a great kitchen. Plus, he's creating a rather impressive rum library. Downside of eating there often is that the attractive menu items kind of become limited. Bright side is...
  7. Testudo

    The Last supper......:-)

    Had dinner a Morgan's the week before last. First time for dinner at the new location and thought the outside seating atmosphere was fantastic. Had Blackend Wahoo and it was OK. I like a filet cut and this was a butterflied steak cut. Still good though. Love their risotto sides. Friends had...
  8. Testudo

    The Last supper......:-)

    Calypso Grill. I haven't eaten at Blue yet, but this is my favorite for simply prepared, perfectly cooked fish. The Blackend Wahoo or Mahi Mahi are without equal for me. Some folks hate the cramped nature of sitting on the deck or the simple "uninspired" sides, but those do nothing to compete...
  9. Testudo

    Grand Cayman airport update

    Arrived Saturday, December 29th at 12:05 PM. Took about 10 minutes to get through Immigration from the row 14 of an AA 737. The arrivals and departure areas are now connected (all indoors), so no needed to take the serpentine walk to the main rental car center. Progress. Returned on...
  10. Testudo

    Hurricane Ivan Before and After

    Same deal with our Strata. The insurance rates ticked up this year due to the impacts of last year's storms.
  11. Testudo

    snorkel differences..real or imagined?

    I also have a Tusa Hyperdry that still is and has been, my go-to snorkel for around 15 years. Just bought the new model for a trip to Hawaii and expect that will be my new travel snorkel.
  12. Testudo

    What is your favorite mask?

    Cressi Big Eyes and Big Eyes Evolution.
  13. Testudo

    For best weather, diving -April or May

    May kicks off rainy season in Cayman, so keep that in mind.
  14. Testudo

    Owen Roberts Airport departure lounge opens

    Best I can find is that both GCM and COZ have ~.6 million passengers (both arriving and departing).
  15. Testudo

    Owen Roberts Airport departure lounge opens

    Arrived on Saturday, 6/30. Flight out of CLT was delayed, so we landed at 12:30pm, in the dreaded 12:00-2:00 period. 6 planes on the tarmac in mid summer! We got lined up outside in a snaking queue. At least it was covered, but the musical act (not calling them a band) was immediately adjacent...
  16. Testudo

    Where is the best snorkling besides Sting Ray City?

    With little ones (not knowing ability), Spotts Beach to commune with turtles, Rum Point around the pier and boulders in the cove (there's a Moray in there, believe it or not), Queen's Monument, Barefoot Beach and North Side Wonderland are relatively shallow and closer to shore. The barrier reef...
  17. Testudo

    Stingray City - Snorkel vs. SCUBA / different sites?

    Gotcha. I guess either site still had rays being fed to start the process of acclimating them to humans.
  18. Testudo

    Stingray City - Snorkel vs. SCUBA / different sites?

    I'm not sure what was meant by the Sand Bar being "artificial" comment. Possibly that the rays have been conditioned to respond for food? If so, that's no different than the dive site.
  19. Testudo

    Some snorkeling videos from Grand Cayman Island a couple of weeks ago.

    If you are based on the west side (Seven Mile Beach) of the island, Cemetery Beach would rate as pretty good for that area. I prefer Eden Rock/Devil's Grotto. Never saw much as a snorkeler/free diver at Turtle Reef or Smith Cover for that matter. Spotts Beach is great for swimming with the...
  20. Testudo

    Stingray City - Snorkel vs. SCUBA / different sites?

    If your group is willing and you are able to schedule a dawn sting ray city sandbar trip, it is a much more enjoyable experience than mid-day when the cruise ship excursions overwhelm the place. Late afternoon trips are great too. I've done both the dive site and sandbar as a snorkeler and...
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