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  1. DButton90

    Diving and climbing

    Obviously the draw to Everest is that notoriety and that selfie you mentioned, but based on my experience with climbing companies they typically don't take some random Joe even if they are willing to fork out the cash. I've used Adventure Consultants, the very same company founded by Rob...
  2. DButton90

    New to the Board

    I'm guessing you would have been diving Whiskeytown in Norcal based on your comment about the fires? I live up here in Redding, so if you want a buddy for when you come through again let me know. I do most of my diving solo, so if you do the same then I understand! Enjoy!
  3. DButton90

    Bad experience on my first dive with strong current

    What part of NorCal are you in? I'll hit up the Sacramento River on occasion and it's a battle the entire time. Typically start downstream and fight the current up and float back down. You're more than welcome to get a workout and freeze in the cold waters if you ever want to! :) Never been...
  4. DButton90

    Found two Apple Watches and more

    Sweet videos! Those apple watch bands are terrible! I recently packed my gear into a local cliff jumping area as well and found two of them at the bottom as well as an iPhone. The owner of the iPhone was located, but I had no luck with the watches. Now I have two paper weights in my room...
  5. DButton90

    Divers Riding Whale Shark

    If the law of the land stated this was an illegal practice and they were briefed on these rules then I see no problem with slapping them with fines or even jail time. I agree with @IncreaseMyT that jail time would seem ridiculously excessive, but I've heard of worse for lesser crimes. If that...
  6. DButton90

    Another wetsuit tale/question.....but longer.

    I have Scubapro's Everflex 7/5MM and it goes on dry like a breeze and is nice and snug. My difficulty is getting the wetsuit off once I'm wet. At that point it wants to stick. I've found the best option is to roll the suit off turning it inside out rather than trying to pull my limbs back...
  7. DButton90

    Feelin' Silly

    Welcome Wanda! Hope you enjoy the cold water of Whiskeytown!
  8. DButton90

    KIWI in USA, Monterey Bay, Ca Kiora Folks!

    Welcome to SB and Cali! You're in a good area for diving even though I have never been down there. Plan on diving down there June 9th with another ScubaBoard member! New Zealand is a beautiful country though and I hope to get back out there again one day. Good to meet you!
  9. DButton90

    Dive and let dive... dealing with different styles of diving.

    I need to get me some of those paddle fins of immortality! Until then ignorance is bliss! On a more serious note, after lurking for nearly a year I wouldn't consider anyone to have a demeanor of supreme authority over any given subject within the scuba realm. Like any given sport, activity...
  10. DButton90

    Open California Forum?

    I don't see the harm of having a general California forum. As much as I frequent the Nor Cal forum I never post, nor do I consider it Nor Cal. Anything south of Sacramento is So Cal to me!
  11. DButton90

    Who am I talking to?

    I tend to find open forums to be comparable to today's journalism. You have somebody throwing their thoughts, experiences, and "facts" into a particular topic only to have much of it go unverified or without merit. You have to take every word with a grain of salt, assume it's wrong, and do...
  12. DButton90

    Is limited solo diving completely insane for a new diver?

    My first dive out of certification was a solo dive and nearly half of my dives since then have been solo. You could argue that it's insane and I wouldn't disagree, but I don't think it's out of the question. I put limits on myself when diving solo, but that doesn't mean my plan will be fool...
  13. DButton90

    Fear of the Unkown

    For me it's exactly what your title says...fear of the unknown. I have only dove fresh water lakes & rivers too and it's those dark places that always make me nervous. My very first dive after certification was solo in a river that had a hole 50 feet deep and I didn't have a problem with...
  14. DButton90

    NorCal Newbie

    My perspective on solo diving seems to coincide with the rules you have set in place as well. You're not going to find me trying to set some sort of depth record or push any sort of boundary while out alone. Monterey is a good 5 hours away, which I have heard is the closest good ocean diving...
  15. DButton90

    NorCal Newbie

    I've been lurking around the site for nearly a year now and figured it was a good time to surface. Not sure how much I'll contribute, but I'll continue to soak up the knowledge, experiences, and stories! I was recently certified this summer after looking for a new outdoor hobby. I hate the...
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