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  1. j yaeger

    New member from south florida!

    welcome aboard!!!! have fun yaeg
  2. j yaeger

    I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself...

    welcome aboard!!!!!! you'll find lots of "talkers"here for sure!!!! loads of good stuff too! have fun yaeg
  3. j yaeger

    Hi To Everyone

    welcome aboard!!! loads of info here and good bunch to get advice from! have fun yaeg
  4. j yaeger

    scuba board stickers

    hi Bob!!!! in burlington getting transfusions...-10* this am... rather be in the st. lawrence diving for sure!!!!! (far better than watching ghost hunters,,,)
  5. j yaeger

    scuba board stickers

    i was watching "ghost hunters"on cable yesterday due to winter time boredom lo and behold, on the back of one dudes laptop was the big scuba board tag!!!! great free advertising!!!!and cool to see it on tv!!!! have fun yaeg
  6. j yaeger

    Your #1 thing you love about diving

    i could scream like a school girl and cry like a baby... and only the fishes would give me that odd look!!
  7. j yaeger

    Please help with a diver survey

  8. j yaeger

    St. Lawrence River temperature

    we'll be newyears eve at alex bay gear-up at 10:30 water at 11
  9. j yaeger

    So we're normalizing relations with Cuba

    my son was there diving in june... "dad,ya gotta go!" he lives in munich...
  10. j yaeger

    Wet Glove/Mitts Question

    xs dry 5's get a size larger than normal doff and don is a challenge... but they're freakin' warm baby!!!! have fun yaeg
  11. j yaeger

    The best snorkeling place for soft corals and sea fans

    fiji , i feel, is # 1 as was said,different place there! we stayed on Kadavu island w/dive Kadavu operator and was blown away!!!!! different place every dip and sooooooo much to see good luck and have fun Yaeg
  12. j yaeger

    Can I mix 1st stages from one brand with 2nd stage from another brand?

    conshelf1st and sp 109 2nds-never a problem
  13. j yaeger


    ya have to use tri-mix in freakin' buffalo.....
  14. j yaeger

    Finally On ScubaBooard!

    welcome aboard!!!! a ton of information here and vastly different opinions on all things scuba!!! enjoy the forums! have fun yaeg
  15. j yaeger

    I'm an Ocean Diver! Are you?

    welcome aboard mr. hammerhead! i just happen to have one of your shirts on! vacation time,mon!!!!!! have fun yaeg
  16. j yaeger

    Am I too old to take back up diving again?

    i have an 85 year old aunt that can still dive she snorkles forever you're definately not too old!!!! i'd be more concerned with keeping the wife happy.... as long as you're in good health have fun yaeg
  17. j yaeger

    Who does not like their Hog regs?

    love them on my doubles! ice diving,left them lying on the ice for an hour,jumped in and no probs. some of the other regs,however.... have fun yaeg
  18. j yaeger

    How many of you really like to dive with a snorkel on your mask!!!

    snorkle on left,j style naked without it don't wear in fast currents!
  19. j yaeger

    Hello all from Sydney Australia

    welcome aboard!!!! ton of useful info and loads of great people giving it up! have fun yaeg
  20. j yaeger


    enjoy the classes!!!! welcome aboard
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