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  1. alecto

    Sydney diving during the week

    I'm arriving in Sydney mid day on Dec. 30 and currently planning to leave on Friday, Jan. 2. Not only mid week but mid week New Years Eve. I sure can plan it. haha. Yea I'm used to cold water diving in LA and will be diving a bunch in the Queensland area. But seeing sea dragons just sounds awesome.
  2. alecto

    Sydney diving during the week

    I found a ton of places to dive with during the weekend but I haven't been able to find any body that dives during the week. I'm hoping I'm looking in the wrong spot. Are there any boat or shore dives that are run during the week? Or are they all just private dives and I need to find myself a buddy?
  3. alecto

    Traveling around Australia with dive gear

    I'm not going to bring my wetsuit. I figured I'd rent it wherever need be. But I will be in Australia for about 4 weeks so I don't think all the dive gear, camera stuff and clothes/toiletries will fit in just 1 carry on and backpack. it's a pretty small pack. doesn't hold much more than my 7d...
  4. alecto

    Traveling around Australia with dive gear

    Ok, so I guess I'm resigned to the fact that I will need to check 1 bag and then i'll have a small carry on and my backpack. I'm thinking a small wheeled bag that is the size of a carry on for the checked bag and then a small duffel (30L) and my camera backpack. I think that will work for the...
  5. alecto

    Traveling around Australia with dive gear

    Hi guys, I'm looking to come out in December to do some diving and exploring of Australia. I'm thinking a liveaboard in Cairns, a few days in Ayr for the Yongala, a dive or two in the Whitsundays, and then another dive or so in Sydney. I also want go to Fraser Island on a 4wd tour but I think...
  6. alecto

    Bowman Bay diving?

    I was too scared to dive the Coffin Rocks by myself so I stuck to the area around the pier at Bowman Bay. The viz was about 10 ft and 51 degrees. Did two dives on different days with the same conditions. Caught 2 dungeness crabs and saw a bunch of them. Most were too small and a couple big ones...
  7. alecto

    Bowman Bay diving?

    Has anyone ever dived Bowman Bay near Deception Pass? It's right around the corner from the pass. I've gone crabbing off of the dock as well as kayaking from there but was thinking about giving diving a go from that location. Entry looked extremely easy and the bay looks protected from any...
  8. alecto

    June 15th dive?

    Are the conditions looking poor still? Trying to figure if I'm packing my dive gear or letting this one go
  9. alecto

    June 15th dive?

    any body want to dive this sunday?
  10. alecto

    strobe questions for canon s110

    I have a canon s110 in the ikelite housing. So I was at the Long Beach scuba show and I think I narrowed it down to Inon s2000 and the s&s ys 01. And only after I got home did I realize I was still completely confused when I looked into them online. I'm also new to flash photography in...
  11. alecto

    June 15th dive?

    Hi, I'm coming up to NorCal for a baby shower on the 14th. I thought it would be fun to do some diving on that Sunday the 15th in the Monterey area before I drive back down to Los Angeles. I haven't done any northern diving before, but I do dive the LA waters so I'm familiar with cold water...
  12. alecto

    Key Largo daily dive report

    Monday was ridiculously flat. Snorkeled with the family at Christ of the abyss. It was like 1ft if that at times. Saw the capt slate boat and wad super jealous. Boo non diving family. Left the family and dove spiegel grove and benwood yesterday and Duane and molasses reef today with ocean...
  13. alecto

    Considering diving, BP/W is ok?

    During my OW classes, our instructor wore a BP/W and said it was his tech setup and gave us the impression it was for tech only. I only learned later that was incorrect. I too thought about buying my gear ahead of time but I'm glad I waited. I have since bought a HOG BP/W and love the weight...
  14. alecto

    Key Largo daily dive report

    the underwater temp is 78 right now? How far down?! I'm coming in a week! :D
  15. alecto

    Good SCUBA/ surf shops in Los Angeles area

    i got my suit from deep blue. I also like eco but at the time they didn't have a suit in stock that fit me
  16. alecto

    Should I buy from my LDS?

    You can always ask the LDS to price match what you find online. I have a brick and mortar shop as well as Robert as my 2 LDS's. Robert is also my instructor of choice. Take into consideration the diving you will want to do in the future as that can affect your personal items as well. I've just...
  17. alecto

    why are there very few young divers?

    Scuba is an expensive buddy sport that can be very time intensive without that time actually being in the activity. I don't need a buddy to go snowboarding, horseback riding, golfing, etc. As a 27 yo female, I'm going to be a bit particular on who I decide to buddy up with. We're going to a...
  18. alecto

    Funniest Diving quotes you have heard

    My family had a boat that we would cruise around the back bay in. One day, we were going a little faster than usual and water was spraying up into the boat. My grandfather yelled, "Slow down, you're getting the boat wet!" On a boat I also try to remember to ask the DM where is the best spot...
  19. alecto

    How do you fund your diving?

    I occasionally baby sit a dog. 1/3 of that goes to my Roth IRA, the remaining 2/3 goes to whatever I am currently obsessing on. Last year it was a Canon 7D, this year is for scuba gear.
  20. alecto

    My experience of changing from a Jacket to a wing - hope it helps

    thanks for posting an update. It's always interesting to get feedback after someone's initial thoughts.
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