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    Complete novice in Geneva from Burma

    Welcome to Scubaboard! Enjoy the forum and life in Geneva; it's a beautiful town. Are you going to dive the lake?
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    Baby G shock Watch usefull?

    They work just fine. But why not get a simple, inexpensive computer? That would allow you to take a look at your profile after a dive (especially since you are an inexperienced diver according to your profile), maximize your bottom time and help you understand your customers' computers.
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    Is there a better dive log that works with my Suunto?

    Take a look at Subsurface: a very nice open-source dive log.
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    best accessories for whites fusion tech

    I, too, was trying to decide between the different dry glove systems... But today I did something really simple: just pulled a latex glove over the round SLT rings. I wore fleece gloves under the latex ones. This worked surprisingly well. No extra rings needed and gloves are about $4 per pair. I...
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    Presentation from Belgium

    I live in Antwerp, very close to Zeeland, where I do most of my diving. Not much tropical diving yet... how did you like Sudan? That is one place I'd love to go to!
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    Presentation from Belgium

    Bonjour, and welcome to ScubaBoard from another Belgian! Hope you like it here.
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    What's a lumpsucker?

    The roe is apparently edible (haven't tried it) and sold as a substitute for caviar. Here in the Netherlands they spawn in shallow water in February: the males turn red and guard their nest while waiting for a female to swim by. They watch over the eggs for a few weeks. It is easy to approach...
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    Drysuit Help

    Have a look at Othree suits - very tough compressed neoprene suits made in the UK. Not inexpensive and not the lightest, but brilliant for North Sea wreck diving. Whites Fusion are owned by Aqualung now and imported by Apeks, which should give you good support as well. Sent from my HTC Desire C...
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    Hi from France...!

    Welcome ! Where in France do you dive? Sent from my HTC Desire C using Tapatalk
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    Is "flipper" really the wrong word?

    From the French "palme de plongée", just like the tuba ;)
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    A question not often discussed: alternatives to tradition

    Before I bought a drysuit I used to wear a 7mm full suit with a vest when the water was in the lower 40s. You are a brave man to try a 3mm + vest. Using two full suits is even worse, I'd like to see a video of you trying to put them on ;-) If you layer use a proper undersuit, something like a...
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    A question not often discussed: alternatives to tradition

    A 5mm full suit (+ 5mm vest with hood for the second dive) would work for me at those temperatures, but cold is subjective... Good gloves and a hood help a lot. In the end, a drysuit really is the most flexible solution: layer your undersuit as needed.
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    Zeeland, the Netherlands 09-29-2013

    Try the Belgian site forum as well, lots and lots of Belgian divers in Zeeland. Or just turn up at one of the popular sites and ask around: try Scharendijke, Den Osse, Wemeldinge, Goes Sas or Zeelandbrug.
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    Regulator care and cleaning.
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    Bring unresponsive diver to surface upside down??

    Ages ago the Belgian CMAS affiliate used to teach this. It was part of their instructor examination in the sixties: raise a 'victim' from 40m, first head down, then head up. In one dive!
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    Winter is coming

    Well, that's exactly what a dive club is for: pool sessions and finding dive buddies. Maybe the shop you are doing AOW with has one too... otherwise ask around. Most dive clubs will be happy to let you participate in one or a few pool sessions, just to check out the atmosphere. This link will...
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    Winter is coming

    There's no real reason to stop diving in winter in the Netherlands, even if you don't own a drysuit. Do shorter dives and enjoy the calm at the popular dive sites. Or you might give indoor diving a try: It's a nice daytrip, easy to reach without a car from the...
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    how did you lower your air use

    Here's something you could try: concentrate on one small space while diving. Just let yourself float and consciously relax your arms and legs, while watching one point. Could be some fish, a patch of oysters,... try to see all small animals that you can find. Go ultra super slow, try not to move...
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    solo diving

    Hey Jord, it's not that different. Go to Zeeland this weekend and watch some UW photographers: almost all of them dive solo or at least continue diving alone when they get separated from their buddy. I've never heard about spearfishing in Zeeland though - I guess the bad visibility has...
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    So if you got offered the job as the general manager of a new LDS...

    SE Asia? Inexpensive to fly to and live, lots of student divers, warm water, interesting marine life,...
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