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  1. Pinto

    Sherwood Wisdom 2

    This computer has been sold.
  2. Pinto

    Sherwood Wisdom 2

    I have a Wisdom 2 for sale. It has about 50 dives on it. This is the link that describes the computer: Welcome to Sherwood Scuba! It comes with CD software, compass, spare battery , gasket, computer wire USB interface, quick disconnect hose, compass, manual, and case. Attached are the...
  3. Pinto

    Cavern/Intro Training Riviera Maya

    Is Steve Gerrard of Deep Horizon still conducting training? If yes, has anyone trained with him recently that would be willing to share their experience? Thanks
  4. Pinto

    Intro to Cave Travel Question

    Thanks. This is exactly the information I was looking for.
  5. Pinto

    Intro to Cave Travel Question

    From NACD Web Site: Purpose: To develop a cave diving proficiency within limitations of a single tank. It is for the diver who does not wish the burden of double tanks or is not interested in cave exploration and long decompression dives. It is recreational cave diving course. The course...
  6. Pinto

    Intro to Cave Travel Question

    My apologies for not being clear with my question. For the training, getting a single with an H valve from the instructor is not a problem. My question is about post completing the Intro training. I will want to log dives at various Fla locations not near to Ginnie leading up to the next...
  7. Pinto

    Intro to Cave Travel Question

    Intro to Cave traning limits a diver to a single tank w/H valve installed. Other than Ginnie and in Fla, which LDSs offer Nitrox tank rentals with an H valve installed? Thanks
  8. Pinto

    Frog Kick

    Try this experiment. Split fins for whip and helicopter. Then place a piece of duct tape on the fin eliminating the split. You may be surprised at the difference.
  9. Pinto

    Morrison Springs

    I visited Morrison for ther first time last weekend. I had viewed pictures and read many written accounts regarding the history of this spring. The spring, surrounding area, and diving was really nice. My only question is.......where did all the water go? Even the outflow seemed less than...
  10. Pinto

    NACD Training Question

    I am trying to decide on a cave certification agency. Most of what I need to know regarding the training I have been able to locate on various training web sites. My question is, if Introduction to Cave Certification has an expiration time period. If yes, after how long and what is...
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  15. Big as a car

    Big as a car

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  18. Waiting at bottom of down line on the Grove

    Waiting at bottom of down line on the Grove

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