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    Boat diving questions

    My wife and I are new to diving but have been loving it. So far we have only done lake dives and some shore dives but we're interested in doing some boat diving. We've got out own gear and each have a tank. I've been looking at some boat diving operations and they're all different. Some offer...
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    question for cali divers

    Thanks for the info guys. Cali sounds like a great place to dive year round. I've just got a 3/2 right now so I'll definitely need to get a 7mm and check it out.
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    question for cali divers

    Hi im relatively new to diving and haven't been anywhere in cali. im just wondering if theres is a season for diving in cali or at least when it gets too cold for a 7mm? maybe a newby question but thats what i am. also where are some good spots to check out for a novice diver?
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