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  1. OrcasC205

    Villa Aldora Updates?

    I'm happy to hear all the positive comments. We're heading to Cozumel in February for the first time and have booked at Villa Aldora.
  2. OrcasC205

    DGX free shipping

    That change must have just happened today, because the $64 order I placed yesterday (Oct 14) shipped for free.
  3. OrcasC205

    Diving in Hawaii

    You may want to consider staying in Kona and doing shores dives and/or day trips on boats instead of Oahu. On the Big Island you can do the manta dive and, in my experience, there is better fauna and lava tubes (and reef structure in general) than on Oahu. Oahu is better if you want wrecks.
  4. OrcasC205

    SOLD!!! G250 Cover (found)

    Sorry - I already found a cover, but forgot to close the thread.
  5. OrcasC205

    Tank and Weight Rental in Monterrey

    My wife and I are going to be visiting Monterrey in a few weeks and want to do some shore diving while we are there. I'm trying to find where we can rent HP100s w/ DIN valves and EAN32, and weights most easily. We're bringing our drysuits, so the steel tanks would be much preferred. Any...
  6. OrcasC205

    SOLD!!! G250 Cover (found)

    Yeah, there is one on eBay where they are asking $59 + shipping, but at that price I might as well get a whole regulator.
  7. OrcasC205

    SOLD!!! G250 Cover (found)

    I'm looking for a replacement cover for an original ScubaPro G250, including the purge button and spring. Let me know if you have one and what price you would like for it.
  8. OrcasC205

    Aggressor did get cancelled. :'( Help making other diving plans for Sept trip?

    We have used both Kona Honu Divers and Kona Diving Company (KDC) and have had great dives with both of them. We did the manta dive with KDC and it was amazing, but this September when we are back with our son we are going to do it again with Kona Honu since we've booked several days of diving...
  9. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    The last possibility is why I think the student to instructor/dm ratio is important to understand in this case. One instructor keeping an eye on one or two students and seeing a light go out or missing is a lot different than two instructors trying to keep track of seven lights (or even 1:3 and...
  10. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    I agree. It would be interesting to know what type of light(s) she was using or had mounted to her kit and whether she had a backup light. It would be really sad if a light failure turned fatal on an open water dive. Edited to add: On the web page of the shop that I believe was hosting the...
  11. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    Exactly. They ended the dive and she was not there with them. Whether she was suffering a medical issue or some other type of incident, they lost her and surfaced without her.
  12. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    If the class on Saturday night that lost the student was being run by the same shop that lost the diver 5 years ago (as I understand was likely the case,) it would be interesting to see what shop policies and procedures were changed following the previous death.
  13. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    That depends on whether you mean divers lost or students lost. We've lost four divers this year in the Puget Sound (that I know of.) Two are suspected to be medical issues, one (last week) was a solo diver in a current sensitive area, and now this one. If you're talking about students, I know...
  14. OrcasC205

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    I dove at Cove 2 early in the morning yesterday and visibility was very good for this time of year (close to 20 feet or so), but that could have changed during the day because there are a lot of classes in the cove. The Honey Bear is more of a flattened wreck at this point -- not a lot of...
  15. OrcasC205

    OWI recommendation in Seattle?

    I recommend talking to the people at 8 Diving in Des Moines. All of their NAUI instructors are top notch. My wife, daughters and I have all taken several classes from them and our son is starting his open water certification this weekend.
  16. OrcasC205

    Updated dive planning doc for open water students, Puget Sound

    Great to see Eric's site getting some love. It is a great resource for PNW divers.
  17. OrcasC205


    Our local dive shop requires every tank leaving the shop to be analyzed and logged by the customer -- yes, that includes air-filled tanks (aka EAN21). Our procedure is to log the exact percentage in the shop's log, but only to write the whole-number (e.g. 32) percentage on the tank sticker. At...
  18. OrcasC205

    Any dive shops still got OW courses?

    You might try Kona Shore Divers (Kona Shore Divers | Scuba Diving & Tour Company | Kona Hawaii) Full disclosure: I have not dove with Kona Shore Divers, but when my wife and I were visiting the island in May, they were diving at Mile Marker 4 at the same time we were and the owner was super...
  19. OrcasC205

    Do you have a fitness regime?

    Sorry to hear you went down. I hope the road/gravel rash heals up quickly.
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