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  1. ColoDale

    In search of Mobile covid testing service "Cozumel"

    We used Marko to come to our home. You can schedule it from their web page MARKO TEST<>ZONE. There is a cozumel tab and click the US or Mex flags for language. I used a direct whatsapp number and you can PM me for it if preferred. We paid a bit more than $40 (paid in Pesos) for the home...
  2. ColoDale

    Cozumel what to expect now

    https :// I put a space after the https, for some reason it comes up with some german facebook link. I have searched for Conanp's info and I can't find the closure info easily. Although I did not see the closure info, this is an third party interesting site -...
  3. ColoDale

    Need some help with Key Largo ID's

    For the fish. I think the two in profile on the right are princess parrotfish (Juv or Initial) because of the border on the tail. For the center face on fish, it is hard to say but due to the tail border I would say princess though in that phase due to color I would expect it to be larger. For...
  4. ColoDale

    IE11 has problems with the site.

    IE11 has problems with the site. Yes it is an older browser but I rarely use Internet Exploder anyway. MS wants me to use edge. So for IE 11, I can't enter text on threads (new or old) or reply. Drop downs don't work. Google chrome V93 seems to work. I will use that. I do see ads as a...
  5. ColoDale

    Looking for a dive shop offering 4 dives a day

    I use Raul - owner/DM of Bottom Time Divers (.net) and my friends have done 4 tanks per day with him. I don't do 4 tanks per day generally. He has a 6 pax boat, Al 80 and 100 and nitrox. I would contact him via the email or call his cell from the contact page and ask. He might go out with...
  6. ColoDale

    wetsuit for very tall but super skinny man

    I am over 2m (but ~113Kg) and many years ago I bought a Henderson hyperstretch 3mm. I am built more like a basketball player not football (US). It fits well. However the chest sizing for you might be an issue. Maybe you can find something similar, like a tall and not large tall size. You...
  7. ColoDale

    New from Colorado

    Good luck. I don't know what part of Colorado you are from but there are plenty of dive shops in the Denver metro area that run trips. Don't lock yourself into one shop.
  8. ColoDale

    Diving Bora Bora and Moorea

    I preferred Moorea over Bora Bora. We dove inside the lagoon and near the reef in Bora Bora and the vis was not that great inside the lagoon. We dove outside the fringing reef on Moorea. We were there the wrong time for Mantas in Bora Bora. The only place I saw mantas was Fakarava. Many...
  9. ColoDale

    Back pain while diving

    I have had that especially after I hurt my back (not broken). I found that putting my tank a bit lower, occasionally bringing my knees up to stretch my back whether vertical or horizontal, changing fin techniques on and off - scissor, frog, during the dive, being in better shape by...
  10. ColoDale

    Best place on island to purchase a dive mask

    Prodive and Scuba Repair have larger selections. There are some other smaller ones like Studio Blue and Aqua Pro about 1/2 block each from Prodive that I have used.
  11. ColoDale

    Ferry luggage scam?

    You had mentioned this was a weight issue. I can find no mention of numbers of bags or wieght in the published information however I will say that many rules and regs here are not published - gov't or business. And they change with no notice. I have had no one here complain about baggage...
  12. ColoDale

    Best Gear Bag/Case for sensitive scuba & photo gear when flying to destination?

    For camera gear, I used to use pelican cases with pick and pluck foam but the non-wheeled size I had was a bit over carry on size in several dimensions. No airline ever gave me a problem though. I used a strap with snap hooks from another bag for over the shoulder carrying (a pain). The...
  13. ColoDale

    How do I remove an attached file?

    If I recall, in edit mode, the image should be between the ATTACH brackets. If I delete that line including the brackets, then the image should be gone when saved ATTACH. Note that even when I type this with the right syntax with the square brackets around both ATTACH's, it thinks the text...
  14. ColoDale

    Palancar pier

    The pier at Palancar used for SI's seems to have been damaged. There have been several reports of it on FB. Here is one of them (I am not affiliated with this business). I have not yet been down there to see it.
  15. ColoDale

    More weather coming by the weekend

    Somebody got out their sharpie. More northern track per NOAA. We'll see.
  16. ColoDale

    404 Error on every scubaboard thread from google search results..

    Same for many. https://web. (remove the space after web. and copy).Of course if they can't access this thread then they can't get this link :). I posted it on Scubaboards FB page.
  17. ColoDale

    UK - Sea Snake...?

    I think it is a pipe fish by markings and shape. I believe the head is on the left and it does move a bit. However to be sure I would need to see the head and tail better. The pipe fish in the caribbean are smaller than this using the vido camera (go pro?) for scale. Early on in the video I...
  18. ColoDale

    Cozumel Airport Shuttle Cost 2021

    FWIW, the airport federal zone extends across Fernandez (airport road) to the south. The car rental places across the street are in this zone and you can add a federal tax for renting there.
  19. ColoDale

    Cozumel Airport Shuttle Cost 2021

    A $4 payoff is pretty cheap. My visiting friends will need a 5.
  20. ColoDale

    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    I also have yet to find a gov't site with an official announcment but there are many media reports and they all have the same information. The governor uses social meida quite a bit but I wish his office would follow up with official announcements more. I am not sure how staff at business will...
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