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  1. tx.lakerats

    New Baby Firefyter !!!

    She's a beauty!!
  2. tx.lakerats

    New Baby Firefyter !!!

  3. tx.lakerats

    Lake Travis this past weekend

    Hey TDG... new car??
  4. tx.lakerats

    CSSP Sunday 8/19

    Hopefully you can get wet this year!!
  5. tx.lakerats

    CSSP Sunday 8/19

    FOO - Great to see you again... I'm "hoping" to be in the Caymans for Labor day (fingers crossed) As for ScubaTexan... dude DO YOU EVER dive??? I don't think I've seen you in at LEAST a year or two!!
  6. tx.lakerats

    CSSP on Fox 4 news Lone Star Adventure tonight

    Way to go Richard and Rick!!
  7. tx.lakerats

    CSSP Sunday 8/19

    I'll be out there Sat & Sunday... Camping over night... working a class but come find me... look for the "divemonster" flag.... ask for "lakerat" Foo you camping??
  8. tx.lakerats

    Lake Travis Underwater Cleanup Sept. 9

    Man can't believe I'll miss this one.. but I'll be in the Caymans
  9. tx.lakerats

    7/22 CSSP incident follow-up...

    Alan way to be there.
  10. tx.lakerats

    Surface Interval Scuba Closing

    Deb - Good to see you again! KEEP IN TOUCH!
  11. tx.lakerats

    Foo3 here loveys

    wow... 3 of them... this should be good
  12. tx.lakerats

    Oriskany Conditions

    what type of suits are most people diving with? dry? 7mm??
  13. tx.lakerats

    Happy Birthday TexDiveGuy!

    Alan Have a GREAT ONE!!!
  14. tx.lakerats

    Happy Birthday, Dee!

    Happy Birthday Dee... Have a good one!
  15. tx.lakerats

    Howdy From Fort Worth Tx

  16. tx.lakerats

    interested in a discovery class
  17. tx.lakerats

    Specialty License Plate update: CALL TO ACTION!!!

    I'll take two and talk to some folks at my LDS to add more numbers to this!
  18. tx.lakerats

    Just Got O/W Certified!

    WOO HOO and might I say YOU did AWESOME in class as well!!! Welcome to the boards and am soo glad you became a GREAT diver!! Keep it up and good luck with future classes!
  19. tx.lakerats

    Rob Davie

    Prayers to the family and friends
  20. tx.lakerats

    Your humble servant...

    GREAT to hear!!
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