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  1. Skulmoski

    Inflating dsmb without flying up with it

    Precisely; the bag has a small capacity. Top quality gear.
  2. Skulmoski

    Inflating dsmb without flying up with it

    I learned how to deploy a DSMB by practicing in a pool. I used the AP Diving Training Delayed SMB. This DSMB is about 18 inches long and allows the diver to pull the bag down to depth and then repeat the deployment process. I could then practice deployment 10-15 times. I added a couple of extra...
  3. Skulmoski

    Priority of skills to master for new divers

    Congrats! There is a lot to learn and the good thing is that one can continue to dive throughout your entire life. (I dived cenotes last year with Under The Jungle dive centre and my guide dived a dry suit and wore a diaper. Great! I can continue to dive in my Otter when I am old and...
  4. Skulmoski

    Cost per Dive?

    If you live in Australia, then it is $420 per dive plus your left nut. LOL. Expensive to dive in Australia compared to other locations I have visited. The least expensive was when I was a member of a BSAC club in Abu Dhabi. We had lots of steel cylindars, two compressors and two boats (east and...
  5. Skulmoski

    Should we put fork in DSS?

    I bought great kit from Tobin. Maybe he has taken up fine woodworking and living in the forest?? Wishing him the best.
  6. Skulmoski

    Tank size comparison

    Give me two 7's in sidemount! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Skulmoski

    Who is still diving?

    I haven't dived since February (HMSC Brisbane, Queensland). I cancelled my April trip to Puerto Galera. Hopefully I will be diving at Christmas. I am happy for those in my community who are diving. Stay safe.
  8. Skulmoski

    BP/wings comfortable?

    Unless your walk will be under 32 km, you should be fine! LOL. Seriously, for most dives, most of the time, you will love the BP/W once you are properly sized and configured. The more difficult decision is "which one for me?"!!! Good luck. GJS
  9. Skulmoski

    The sad plight of the middle aged

    At age 55, I purchased two custom-sized wetsuits. Both fit great.
  10. Skulmoski


    I like my Light Monkey reel (and three torches)!
  11. Skulmoski

    What's your knife preference for diving. a.k.a. show off your knives.

    I have added a lanyard to the knife and it is looped under the sheath; therefore, it is near impossible to dislodge from the sheath or drop if the lanyard is around your wrist. Treat yourself!
  12. Skulmoski

    What's your knife preference for diving. a.k.a. show off your knives.

    I carry three cutting tools for most dives: Spyderco Enuff Salt Fixed Blade Knife Yellow FRN Full Tang H-1 Sheepfoot FB31SYL Hollis Titanium Line Cutter Titanium Shears
  13. Skulmoski

    Preferred Snap Bolts?

    xDeep A bit pricey but you are unlikely to loose these snaps in your sidemount application.
  14. Skulmoski

    Quick poll—When do you inflate your SMB?

    Usually near the end of my safety stop.
  15. Skulmoski

    Computer recommendations for New Divers

    Buy a mid-level pre-owned dive computer. There are lots of great computers at budget prices that will do the basics for you. Then in a few years, with lots of diving, you can get your ideal computer.
  16. Skulmoski

    Getting my kids certified and gear

    Time for you and your partner to upgrade your dive computers and hand your old ones down to your kids! I did the same. Look for used gear. Review the theory on a regular basis and follow good practice as role models. Good luck. Have fun. GJS
  17. Skulmoski

    How to choose the right torch

    I went through the same thought process and ended up with two 2 and one 3 watt Light Monkey torches. I would recommend getting the little one since you might want to take it with you all the time! These might be a bit more than the average torch, but Light Monkey is respected, especially by the...
  18. Skulmoski

    Future Directions: Where Is Diving Going?

    NOPE New normal does not mean what you have defined. I have a ladder for you. Please check your PM. Take care.
  19. Skulmoski

    Future Directions: Where Is Diving Going?

    At some point, we will be diving more. We are unlikely to go back to normal; instead, we will create and figure out a new normal. What might that look like for divers, dive operators, manufacturers, and others we include in our dive community? Where will R&D go? I see the following: Increase...
  20. Skulmoski

    Slim DSMB or Wide DSMB

    Rough waters, then a big one (2m). Calm waters, then a little one. If I am diving with a buddy, I will likely take my smaller AP DSMB (1.4m long x 20cm wide) and smaller Apeks 15m spool. If I am in a group of divers, then there will likely be more than one or two DSMBs. Two or three little or...
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