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    I wear a size 16 shoe and I use XXL OMS slipstreams. For drysuit boots I use Size 17 converse high tops and to get them to fit lengthwise I use a piece of bungee instead of the spring strap, the foot pocket fits fine.
  2. Southside

    Poseidon Oxygen Sensor , SSo2, portability ?

    Unlike galvanic sensors the SS02 sensor requires power. Dive Gear Express offers a package that includes the C-Pod that houses the sensor. As far as I am aware Shearwater has not yet developed the means to use their computers with the sensor, so the only commercially available computer that...
  3. Southside

    Lake Michigan

    Dove the Mac this weekend, it was 49°F at about 73ft. Dove it dry with a base layer, probably color have used a bit more undersuit.
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    Are moderators still active on Rebreather World?

    It was pretty well moderated until the last week or so. Not much new content there.
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    How to properly use exhaust valve on drysuit

    When practicing the tuck and roll from feet up position are you supposed to close the valve tp prevent water getting in?
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    Scubapro Smart Z, Galilleo Luna strap lack of quality

    My G2 strap broke after about 40 dives and only a little over a year old. Used some extra bungie I had and that fixed it. Not worth paying $30 for a new strap when a few cents worth of bungie works better.
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    Looking to Buy a Rebreather

    What are the other two units that you would recommend avoiding as a first rebreather?
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    I believe I do, I will look tomorrow and let you know.
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    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I'm anxiously awaiting my suit. When did you order yours and was there any change from the estimated dispatch date?
  10. Southside

    For Sale Scubapro Divelink

    I have a Scubapro Divelink system for sale that includes everything pictured. It is located in the Chicagoland area. I am not sure what it is worth so make me an offer.
  11. Southside

    Seaskin Nova drysuit review

    I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my Nova on 3/18 and recieved notification today, 3/23, that my dispatch is 5/21. Plastic YKK zip, zip cover, Trigon, Quick neck w warm neck cover, kubis with ring covers, DIR dump, SiTech valves, comfort patch, neoprene socks, telescopic torso, wider...
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    Poseidon BMCL + MAV

    Simply stating that I am new to rebreathers so I don't have experience on different units. Not sure what's the issue with that. I'm a new diver so I try to constantly remind myself that I am still learning and that even though it seems comfortable that I have a long way to go to become a...
  13. Southside

    Poseidon BMCL + MAV

    My instructor for the Poseidon was Ron Benson and he made a few modifications to my 7. He has a good explanation of what he recommends at: He took my current tech lungs and used a homemade center board and a heavy duty sewing machine to make me a set...
  14. Southside

    Seat for gearing up

    Do you have any pictures of your setup? I've been wanting to build something like this for my Forester and am just in the contemplative stage. I haven't drawn up any plans yet.
  15. Southside

    Seaskin Ultra drysuit review

    @stuartv I was looking through the FAQ's on the Seaskin website and spotted one I haven't seen before. It looks like they're finally listening to you. Why don't you do a front entry neoprene suit? The honest answer to this is that we have tried many time to make front entry compressed suits...
  16. Southside

    Looking for a gear clip and if they still make it?

    Is this what you're looking for? Bungee Lanyard BLACK , Piranha Dive Shop | Piranha has a lot of different configurations of plastic buckles and webbing and D-rings. Look here for more oprions: Retractors, Pointers, Lanyards, Noise Markers & Tank Bangers! Piranha Dive Shop |
  17. Southside

    How to remove Seized Din Insert

    And if that doesn't work break out the old flame wrench.
  18. Southside

    Second Episode of Skin Bends

    Were the tanks analyzed to confirm they had the right mix?
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