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  1. Sat Diver

    Inversion and Blood Pressure

    And THIS is why Bombay High should avoid it at all costs !!
  2. Sat Diver

    Rebreather as bailout

    Engineers wet dream ... ---------- Post Merged at 08:49 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 08:48 AM ---------- rebreathers are for Norwegians ;)
  3. Sat Diver

    Triox, Trimix and Heliox question.

    I hope the supervisor got a boot in the ass .... what a nightmare. Its difficult to explain what the heat of compression feels like when you are bathed in Deep Mix, to those who have not experienced it. The one time I experienced it, I thought I was certainly going to die. I would much much much...
  4. Sat Diver

    Umbilical severed at 80 meters in North Sea

    The ship lost its position and dragged the bell. One diver made it back and the other had his umbilical looped around a part of the structure, and when the bell moved, it snapped the umbilical. It was with utter disbelief and happiness that I read that the Diver survived and is apparently doing...
  5. Sat Diver

    What is a rebreather>>>>

    When you use high helium percentages, there is great value in a rebreather. It will pay for itself against Open Circuit, if thats the diving you do.
  6. Sat Diver

    Thinking about career change!! Advice needed!

    All good advice from men with more brains than me :-) Enjoy yourself, stay safe and look out for your brothers.
  7. Sat Diver

    How do YOU keep fit?

    I run down to the Pub if its near the time Happy Hour gets done.
  8. Sat Diver

    Exercise? or not?

    My experience is not exactly valid here, but maybe useful. While in Saturation, I work out in the chamber everyday whilst diving it is less strenuous, but on hold days I work out very hard. In deco as well, I work out hard. The only negative effect it has is the scrubber has to be changed...
  9. Sat Diver

    North Sea Fatality - Scotland

    It is an incredibly rough sea ... stormy and violently unpredictable. I have spent 20 years and countless hours on the floor of the North Sea, from Stavanger, Norway to Aberdeen Scotland. I would not dive there if I was not being paid a lot of money.
  10. Sat Diver

    A SAC question

    My advice would be to not overthink it. Like many other commercial divers who are accustomed to unlimited gas supplies, I used to blow through my gas rapidly when SCUBA diving. My solution to that was to carry more gas, because I was already really fit, really accustomed to the water, and knew...
  11. Sat Diver

    snaps - tell me why

    All the hardware I ever bought was brass, and with the occasional drop of oil, they all work fine - some are more than 30 years. I have a brass snap that holds my folding knife on my crossover on my hat, which is probably 35 years old. All the stainless hardware I have is from diving after the...
  12. Sat Diver

    Stupid concerns or not?

    Bombay High and DCBC have valid points . The North Sea Oil Patch is the exception rather than the rule. It had a disproportionately high fatality rate in the 70's, and became better over the years, due in large part to the high cost of poor safety. I am not greatly familiar with US legislation...
  13. Sat Diver

    snaps - tell me why

    ??? Another random post to go with all your others ?
  14. Sat Diver

    Mares 52 Deep? Tec Worthy? Eh?

    Mares makes great regs. I have never taken them really deep, but for deco bottles how does it matter. Use a cheap piston design for your deco bottles. The SP Mk2 is great for this.
  15. Sat Diver

    I made a clothing brand specifically geared towards Commercial Divers

    I think those shirts would be perfect to sell at your school. There is no self respecting commercial diver who would wear those shirts, but they might be interesting to your fellow students who want to pose in some allegedly macho shirt. They may not know the difference. I think you should add a...
  16. Sat Diver

    Questions about full face mask

    That is a very bad idea .
  17. Sat Diver

    How did old-school deep air divers avoid ox tox hits?

    Ha ha ha ... not Ox Tox ... maybe BH will illuminate us with further details of what his toxicity was due to ... you can probably guess. Oxygen toxicity tests were commonly run on Indian commercial divers heading to deep bounce or sat until the early '90's. They have not been conducted as...
  18. Sat Diver

    How did old-school deep air divers avoid ox tox hits?

    I don't think so at all. I have sidelined many divers who I felt were high risk. I pulled you out of Sat when you puked in your helmet, in my opinion toxed, in yours HPNS - but mine was the opinion that counted. As Akimbo says - we look for signs and react. If we can react before the dive, we will.
  19. Sat Diver

    Rock Bottom Planner

    Computers will never replace any real training. Btw I have seen the ocean below 800 ft ;-)
  20. Sat Diver

    Thinking of going Commercial

    As Aussie pro says : there are a million ways to kill yourself as a diver. Where are you located ? The US is a tough, small market. The rest of the world will not hire US divers in a hurry for liability reasons. Your welding ticket is your best asset.
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