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    Split from Catalina Diver died.. Advanced Certification is a joke

    I am a new SSI OW (now Specialty) diver with 17 dives to date. I have taken 3 specialty courses and am waiting to take my deep diving coarse and dive, plus my 7 more dives to achieve my Advanced status. My wonderful instructor, will NOT let me go deep diving with him, until he knows I am ready...
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    Fall 2009 MoCal Meet & Greet Planning Thread

    Hi. Maureen from Fresno. New diver with 17 dives and just got a personal trainer to get me in much better shape for shore dives. At age 53 I need all the stamina I can get. Can I come to the M& G just to get aquainted and eat lunch or dinner with everyone? Wouldnt want to hold anyone up on a...
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    Let us have a ScubaBoard meet and greet. - Idea and Planning Thread!

    I am a new diver from Fresno. 17 dives at this time. Would love to meet and dive with all of you. Let me know when and where you decide. Maureen
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    Learning SCUBA at 50?

    Hi I read your post and am also a new diver and age 53. My certification dives were shore dives out of Monterey CA and the hike with equipment on, up and back on the shore,took everything I had to get back up the sand and to our start position. Then I went on my first 3 day live aboard boat...
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    Hello from Fresno CA

    Thank you for the reply. My name is Maureen. I was certified SSI in Monterey by Bobs Dive Shop in Fresno CA in August of this year. I have gone on 2 live aboard 3 day dive trips with the Sub Club and have 17 dives and am a specialty diver at this time. I will be going on all of the sub clubs...
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    Hello from Fresno CA

    Hi Looking for buddies and friends in California. New on forum. Would you like to talk? Go diving? Maureen
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    Hi Everyone-new to these boards

    Hi, I am new to diving,17 dives. A specialty diver and working toward Advanced. My first goal is Master Diver. I am certified out of Fresno CA at Bobs Dive Shop. Cert. in Monterey and have been on 2 live aboard boats for 3 days each, we went to Catalina Island (AWESOME DIVES) and the Channel...
  8. Live aboard Catalina Island October 2009

    Live aboard Catalina Island October 2009

  9. March 2009

    March 2009

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