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  1. Ghost95

    Double hose backplate template.

    Morning all. I hope you're all doing well. I'm, looking for a link for a backplate template that I saw on here a while back. The backplate was similar to Bryan's VDH backplate flat, with the cutout for the can. I can't seem to find the thread by using the search feature. I'm probably not...
  2. Ghost95

    Compressor build.

    Evening all. I have the opportunity to buy an old Cornelius 3000psi compressor in working condition. Approx $400. What would it entail to build this into a functional SCUBA compressor? Is this even worth my time? Thanks for your opinions. Safe diving.
  3. Ghost95

    Flea bay listing.

    I have no affiliation with this ad. Vintage scuba Us Divers Aquamaster double hose regulator | eBay It looks good from pictures. Good luck if interested.
  4. Ghost95

    Any firefighters here that might be able to help?

    Morning all. I'm working over seas with some really green crew. During our fire drills and training they manage to blowout the o-ring in our Scott SCBA's with surprising regularity. Long story about not letting all the pressure out of the line before changing tanks...anyway. The o-rings from...
  5. Ghost95

    Which VIP course?

    Morning all. I have been reading the thread on the cracked thread/tool marks and got to thinking about taking a visual inspection course. I only have 8 tanks at the moment and that seems to me to be about the minimum number to kind of break even with doing my own inspections. Anyway, I've...
  6. Ghost95

    Mako "Professional Inflatable Spearfishing Float"

    Evening all. I just wanted to leave my first time experience with the Mako float I received as a gift for Christmas. In general, I hate towing a float and flag. I've seen boats run right over them and it almost seems that boats are drawn to them. I guess we're diving on something so they just...
  7. Ghost95

    Positive feedback for MAKO.

    Hello all. I know word of mouth is good advertising so I decided to post my experience with MAKO Spearguns. I have done and am looking to do more beach diving locally as well in Venice Fl. I spoke to MAKO earlier abut floats and flags that were easy to tow. After their response, I decided to...
  8. Ghost95

    DAAM, it happened again...

    Well, as if one project, no wait, two projects, wasn't enough...guess what arrived today. Yep, more classic chrome. I'm currently rebuilding / upgrading 2 SP MK5's and 109 to 156's, thanks for your help couv, now my one double hose has apparently multiplied. You vintage guys warned me this...
  9. Ghost95

    Scubapro MK5 Piston

    Morning all, hope you are well. I have acquired 3 SP Mk 5's that I am playing with. They are all the early model with 2 LP ports. What's interesting is that they are 3 variations of the new model. One of these has the mid range 3000psi yoke and a turret screw. The other two have the C-Clip...
  10. Ghost95

    Question for advice about snorkeling destinations in Florida.

    Morning all. I was hoping you might be able to help me with some travel info. We live in florida. I dive, my wife does not. I'm looking for areas in the state that have good snorkeling that are accessible without a boat. I can always hop on a charter or throw on some gear if I want to dive but...
  11. Ghost95

    DAAM Label Question.

    Morning all. While surfing the web I have come across DA Aquamasters for sale or just displayed that have shiny chrome cans but labels other than Warner Avenue on them. Allot of them are listed as original or rare or something like that. My question is, were there any shiny can DAAM's produced...
  12. Ghost95

    VDH Wing Choice.

    Hello all. I'm slowly updating gear and I'm looking at a VDH wing (when they come back in stock). I'm torn between the 23lb and the 32lb models. Anybody want to share an opinion. I normally dive a steel 72 or Al 80. The future may hold a steel HP100 or HP120. 3mm, 1 piece wetsuit with a...
  13. Ghost95

    Force vs Pressure vs Surface Area and Tank Valves

    Because I want to. Morning all, I hope you are doing well. I'm back at work and that gives me time to ponder things. Things like splitting my vintage doubles and getting a more ergonomic valve on a 72 I have. I was wondering about the safety of machining a 3/4" valve down to a 1/2" NPS thread...
  14. Ghost95

    Quick Change Drysuit Seals

    Morning all. Ihope all is well with you all. I have an older oceanic drysuit that originally had latex seals. When the seals finally deteroriated I had neoprene seals installed. I hate them. I don't like the way they feel or seal. I am going back to latex or sillicone. I know someone will want...
  15. Ghost95

    Tooth finds bag?

    Evening all. While i was in Venice i bought a couple bags at the local dive shop for tooth collecting. They were the small, fine mesh bags with the Velcro and "D" ring on them. I have worn them out and was wondering if there was some place I could order them from. Would just get another in...
  16. Ghost95

    Vintage DIY.

    Afternoon all. Hope you all are staying wet. I am currently rebuilding a DAAM. I have everything cleaned, new HPR, hoses, diaphragms, ect, ready to go back together. My question is are there any torque specs for this regulator? I know it's somewhere between 1 ft/lb and dog crap, but where? Is...
  17. Ghost95

    Christmas in August

    Just got home from a long hitch and got to go through my orders. I'll have all the vintage knowledge I need now! I also have a first gen Mk 5 to rebuild. This one had the turret C clip that i might need to change. It is in perfect condition though. Fun projects ahead.
  18. Ghost95

    HP 100 cost?

    Why is the cost of HP 100's higher than just about every other steel HP tank? Is it just supply and demand? I can usually find 120's for $60-$80 less. And the 120's are usually in stock when the 100's are not and that's why I'm guessing it may be an S&D issue. Anyway, I'm looking at some HP...
  19. Ghost95

    Dive Flag and Buoy

    Morning all. Quick question. What is the easiest flag/float combo for towing during beach dives. When I say beach dives I mean some place like Venice, Blue Herron Bridge, Ect. Anything stand out as significantly easier than others? Thanks.
  20. Ghost95

    J-Valve on vintage twinset.

    Morning all. I have a question for you vintage twin manifold divers. On a set of twins connected by a manifold, with a single regulator attachment point, does the J-Valve provide a reserve for both tanks or only for the tank that the J-Valve is attached to? The set of twins I recently...
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