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    Double LP Faber 50's-Nitrox Ready

    Bought these twin 50's a few years back from northeast scuba and used them one time. Very light weight , small profile set up. Nitrox ready Now diving CCR so have no use for these tanks paid $700 plus shipping to SoCal located in San Diego $550obo
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    SIngle Tank Adapter set up?

    Looking for some advice on a STA. I normally run dual backplates sandwiching my wing with my doubles , Now I am going to use a STA for the 1st time for a trip and would like to run both the plates to keep some weight off my belt. Is there a preferred set up for this? I put it together tonight...
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    Rough threading manifold??

    I just built a new set of doubles and now one side of the manifold is hard to thread, the other side is smooth, i didnt check them prior to install? Any suggestions? lube? if so what can i use? Thanks J
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    Lost Twinjet Fin with XS Scuba spring strap -San Diego

    I lost one black size large Twinjet fin with spring strap in the surf at La Jolla shores when I get blasted by a sneak set of waves that caught me off guard. Its a long shot but thought I would ask Thanks J
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    backup light

    Looking for a backup light and would love some input, thinking about the Halcyon scout LED. 2 or 3 cell not sure which. Anyone have an opinion or use these lights? Are they worth the $ ? Anyone have one they want to sell or suggestions on a different backup light? Thanks J
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    PST HP 100's

    Selling two PST E-series steel 100 HP tanks. Tanks have born date in 2005 and had hydro and Vis 3 days ago. Tanks have Din valves that can be used with yoke with insert. Both tanks are in excellent condition inside and out with very few dives on them. I am in Socal and would prefer pick up but...
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    Cozumel info?

    Heading to Cozumel in April with some dive buddies and wives so we are looking for somewhere nice to stay. Anyone have any advice that has been there? Thanks DB
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    Instructions for Harness and BP

    Making the move from BC to harness and SS backplate, actually have the new gear just have no idea how to integrate the harness with the plate? Looks like some people do all kinds of turns?? Anyone wanna share the best/easiest way to do it? Thanks DB
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    Looking for an inexpensive Octo for a reg set I am building for a friend. The Reg has scubapro 1st and 2nd stages and I would like to keeo it scubapro if possible but if the right octo at the right price came along I would consider another brand. Thanks J
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    steel tanks refinish?

    Can anyone tell me a place in SOCAL that I can get some older steel tanks refinished? Also what is the best material to get them refinished with? Thanks J
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    Steel 72's

    I am looking for two matching unpainted steel 72's to twin up. I am located in Socal and would love to find some locally but if you have some let me know wherever you are Thanks DB
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    STEEL 45's

    Anyone have any Steel 45's they want to sell ? i am in Socal and can't find any?? Thanks J
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    GoPro HD?...?

    Need a little advice...I have been looking at the GoPro HD surfhero video camera and reading about some focus issues it has underwater. I have seen two aftermarket companies that make some changes to the standard case that is supposed to fix the issue by adding a flat lens onto a replacement...
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    Mk 25/S600 reg set and Suunto D9

    I have a Scubapro MK 25/S600 Reg set with 1st and 2nd stage. Reg set has 13 dives on it including 5 in the pool. I also have a Suunto D9 with remote air with the same 13 dives. The D9 comes with cable and smaller wrist band. I will try to post pics later tonight. I will also post some pricing...
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    Steel Tank(s)

    I am looking for LP 95's or bigger at a decent price in Socal I see lots on here but most are east coast. If you have tank or tanks you want to sell let me know p.s. anyone have any steel 46 or 48's for sale? Thanks Jon
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