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  1. dreamdive

    New Article: Spending Time On A Vibrating Mattress Reduces Bubbles

    TRERO Website just posted another review of a scientific topic: Shaken, Not Stirred – Spending Time On A Vibrating Mattress Reduces Bubbles During a lecture preparation, I came across an article from 2009 describing that spending time on a vibrating mattress, before the dive, reduces bubbles...
  2. dreamdive

    Why You Want to Stay on Your Loop AFTER the Dive

    Why You Want to Stay on Your Loop AFTER the Dive December 28, 2016 I recently summarized a 2013 article about IPAVA (Intrapulmonary Arterio-Venous Anastomoses) shunting bubbles from the right side to the left thus risking type II DCS. Further review on this topic revealed more articles and...
  3. dreamdive

    Happy Veterans Day!

    To all my fellow veterans: A very happy Veterans Day!!! Proud to serve and defend this great country. God bless America! Thank you to all who have given their lives, limbs, and sanity. Thank you to all the family and friends who supported and still support a veteran! We would not have the...
  4. dreamdive

    I have to ask: How many had a fire in their dry suit using 50%

    This is in response to the post about using 50% for dry suit inflation. I like to get a better perspective on this. I personally had none nor do I know of anybody who had a drysuit fire using their 50%. Do you and if so, please provide as much info as possible.
  5. dreamdive

    Support A Worthy Cause And Get the Chance to Win a Rebreather plus Training

    I saw this on another forum and thought members might be interested here. Win an Optima Rebreather PLUS training and help a worthy cause!Win an Optima Rebreather PLUS training! Support an incredible cause, and have a chance to win a rebreather of your own, plus the training to use it safely...
  6. dreamdive

    Hydration Lecture at DEMA 11/6

    FYI: I will be giving a presentation on the issue of Hydration and Diving on Friday at 11 AM in Booth 1757 (Technical Diving Resource Center Stage). What are the myths and the truths about hydration and DCS? Is the timing of hydration important? Can "overhydration" be an issue? What does science...
  7. dreamdive

    Carbon Monoxide lecture at DEMA 11/4

    Just FYI: I will be giving a presentation in Booth 1757 (Technical Diving Resource Center Stage) at 1200 on Wednesday on how Carbon Monoxide affects us divers. Most of us know how CO affects us at the surface. I will be expanding and explaining what happens if you dive with CO in your tanks...
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    Intrapulmonary Shunts: Another cause for a right-left shunt and risk of DCS

    ​Intrapulmonary Shunts: Another Cause for a Right-Left Shunt August 25, 2015 Claudia Roussos, MD Many of us are familiar with the concept of PFO’s and how they may be responsible for allowing bubbles to cross from the venous (pulmonary) to the arterial side. When this occurs, we...
  9. dreamdive

    Does Pre-breathing Your Rebreather Matter?

    I was taught that it matters. Why? Oh....well....(so I have been told) it will identify a CO2 leak. "Better to pass out on the boat platform than in the water". Sounds like good advice, BUT...there is a recent study that questions this. I am not advocating that you do or do not pre-breathe after...
  10. dreamdive

    Coming Full Circle: Diving the O2ptima…again

    By October of 2007, I had become an Optima diver. Trading in my doubles for a rebreather was a careful decision; one involving research and asking questions. I certainly did not want to buy a “garage made” rebreather and Dive Rite, a major manufacturer of technical diving equipment, was...
  11. dreamdive

    This Light Rocks!

    This light rocks!! I have to share with you my love for my new cave light. It is awesome! It is the Dive Rite LX 20. Never a huge fan of canister lights, I liked the Titan lights because of the slim and lightweight battery, but still had to content with a cord that got snagged on occasion...
  12. dreamdive

    how much to tip for 10 day liveaboard?

    Although there is a similar thread on right now, it does not answer my question about liveaboard tipping. Thank you for your feedback!
  13. dreamdive

    Love my heated vest!

    I finally got to try out my Thermolution vest. That thing is awesome. I can wear it under my wetsuit AND drysuit. We are here in Mexico cave diving, and on the decos, I have gotten a bit chilled. So with the use of the remote control, I simply click it once, twice, or three times to as hot as I...
  14. dreamdive

    DCS Fact Sheet for the Emergency Room

    Anecdotally in the past, I have heard that the time from ER to Chamber can be extremely long. A friend of mine recently suffered his first but serious DCS hit. As DCS is thankfully relatively rare, it appears that EMS and ER personnel are not very well versed in "First Aid" of DCS and the need...
  15. dreamdive

    Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the size of Connecticut

    There are about 550 dead zones in the world. This one has reached the second largest worldwide in size. Please read! 'Dead zone' in the Gulf of Mexico is the size of Connecticut
  16. dreamdive

    Coral Sea Expedition Trip Report

    Add Helium Collaborates with the Ethereal in Coral Sea Expedition Merriam-Webster’s definition of an Expedition: A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose. There are certainly many purposes that would qualify. The general...
  17. dreamdive

    Diving in Spain

    Looking for some awesome diving spots in Spain. Recommendations?
  18. dreamdive

    Why are women going tech?

    I would love to hear from other women "techies", what got them into it. Women are a minority in diving but we are particularly a minority in technical diving. I would also love to hear from the "non-techie" woman why she would never consider going tech. Looking forward to hearing from you all:)...
  19. dreamdive

    How To Deal With A Caustic Cocktail

    Hello Everyone! Here is an another article on the AddHelium website,this on how to handle the rare but potentially dangerous event of a caustic cocktail. Although you may not be a rebreather diver experiencing one first hand, you may find yourself in a situation where another diver is affected...
  20. dreamdive


    Tried to navigate the site on how to add an avatar (something obvious) and thus am even more embarrased to ask for help because I could not find it. Thank you
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