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    Problue MS-127

    Is anyone knowing any European online store selling the transparent Problue MS-127 mask? I am only able to find the black one.
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    Fins for surface snorkeling and free diving

    I have come to realize that my fins are not good for my usage. As I posted in another thread, I have a problem with my fins ending up splashing on the surface when I follow the surface. I got advised to do a modification to my fins, but I think there is a too big risk of permanently destroying...
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    Who is the manufacturer of this mask?

    I had this mask like 15 years ago. One friend still got this mask and I received some pictures of it. Who made it? I miss mine, as I have not found any as comfortable and watertight masks as this one. Mask3 by engblom posted Jul 28, 2018 at 11:22 PM Mask2 by engblom posted Jul 28, 2018 at 11:22...
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    Please help me find my first mask

    About 15 years ago I bought my first mask. I used it several years until the strap broke. Even after the strap broke I used it by having a very gentle under pressure to keep it on my face. When I moved to another town, I lost the mask. Even to this day I have not found any mask fitting me the...
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    With fins vs without fins

    When you go snorkeling/freediving, do you prefer to use fins, or do you prefer to go without fins. I am a bit torn on this case. Without a doubt, I am faster with fins and I reach at least the same far as without fins. Still I often go without fins because I am consuming less fast the oxygen...
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    What is your favorite mask?

    What is your favorite mask out of the masks you have been trying? Why?
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    Romanian Black Sea

    I am going to visit Romania, with a chance to go to the Black Sea. I have never been to the Black Sea, and from what I have read, the water is not particularly clear. Is there any good snorkeling place there?
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    Problem with foggy masks

    First post at this forum. The latest years my biggest hobby has been a combination of snorkeling and free diving: I am using the snorkel for breathing in a relaxed position before doing a deeper or longer dive. I have two Scubapro masks: one older Frameless and last year I bought a Solo. My...
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