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  1. Soloist

    Trip Report There be monsters in Pensacola waters

    Clearly photoshopped! :wink: Very nice catch!
  2. Soloist

    Want to Buy Freedom Plate, Small SS / 23# VDH wing

    Don’t know if sucking up will get you to the front of the line, but it’s certainly worth a try! :wink:
  3. Soloist

    When is it okay to abandon your dive buddy?

    For us it would involve attorneys and a division of marital assets, so we found solo diving to be much more economical. In all seriousness, a dive plan (including unexpected scenarios), eye contact and unmistakable hand signals are essential. Clear communication (before and during the dive) is...
  4. Soloist

    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    Agreed. When flying to a dive destination all the dive gear, tools, backup components and parts are packed first. The most critical gear is placed in our carryon (regs, computers, Freedom Plates, wings, cameras, masks, wetsuits, boots or booties). If the checked duffel bags exceed 50 pounds then...
  5. Soloist

    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    We not only pack first and second stages, but various hoses, SPG, o-rings, spools, tools and more for every trip. When driving down to Florida we pack a portable dive shop!
  6. Soloist

    Satire on a thousand ways to die

    Negative entries will result in certain and immediate death.
  7. Soloist

    Want to Buy Freedom Plate, Small SS / 23# VDH wing

    Obviously you’re an optimist! :) Odds of hitting 5 Plus Powerball: 1 in 292,201,338
  8. Soloist

    SOLD!!! Freedom Plate (Contour) Aluminum - Small #448

    Thanks Eric. I cringe every time we sell a Freedom Plate, but we have had as many as six plates between the two of us! Initially driven out of fear our checked luggage could disappear (now the plates are ALWAYS packed in our carryon), but much more out of fear of having to dive something else...
  9. Soloist

    For Sale Official Freedom Plate List: Please respond here.

    For Sale SOLD!!! Freedom Plate (Contour) Aluminum - Small #448 This little aluminum Freedom Contour Backplate is feeling lonely, neglected and desperately wants to get back in the water. Your help is appreciated…...
  10. Soloist

    SOLD!!! Freedom Plate (Contour) Aluminum - Small #448

    Small Aluminum Freedom Contour Backplate in excellent condition with stainless hardware and a “custom” plastic wedge. Used on one trip to Little Cayman. I buffed out the patina, so it looks like new again. The counterbored wedge with camband slots has been cut specifically to fit this little...
  11. Soloist

    SOLD!!! Deep 6 First Stage DIN Regulators (Scribble) with Service Kits

    Two Deep 6 Scribble first stage DIN regulators with aluminum dust caps in very good condition. These units have seen less than a hundred dives (25% fresh water). As with any used regulator, full service is recommended. A new Deep 6 service kit is included with each reg. Willing to sell...
  12. Soloist

    SOLD!!! Beneath-the-Surface GPT-4 Tray, Loc-Line Arms and Two Dive Gear Express Video Lights

    Beneath-the-Surface GPT-4 dual arm aluminum boomerang tray with two Loc-Line universal mount arms and two Dive Gear Express video lights. The tray is super lightweight and well designed for a very rigid video platform. The handles have quick release connections for the Loc-Line arms. The...
  13. Soloist

    Playa del Carmen - when ?

    Agree completely with skipping Playa entirely (if possible) and dive Cozumel. I did some diving in Puerto Aventuras, just south of Playa del Carmen, and could not have been more disappointed.
  14. Soloist

    Freedom Plate Divers Roll Call: show us your rig!

    My first engineering job had me working with a crusty old design engineer. He had a little piece of paper titled “Par for a Project” thumbtacked to his bulletin board. I made a copy of it and it stayed with me throughout my career. This was standard operating procedure at Ford… The Six Project...
  15. Soloist

    For Sale Light & Motion Sola 3600 Plus with Dome Defusers - 2x Underwater Video Lights

    Light & Motion Sola 3600 Plus with Dome Defusers - 2x Underwater Video Lights Sola 3600 Plus Underwater Video Lights with Dome Diffusers for Ultra Wide Beam Angle Professional underwater video lights used on less than 50 dives. Lights show some signs of wear, but in excellent overall...
  16. Soloist

    SOLD!!! No longer for sale

    No longer for sale
  17. Soloist

    Converse ?

    I wear a 10-1/2 shoe and have a relatively narrow foot, so to accommodate my drysuit I initially planned on going up one whole size. However, the boots were not offered in 1/2 sizes, so after reading they run slightly large I purchased a size 11W. Between the additional width, functional laces...
  18. Soloist

    Converse ?

    Check these out - Altama Maritime Assault Mid Boot. I use them with either 3mm or 5mm neoprene socks when diving wet. The laces adjust to a snug fit on a narrow foot. I remove the thick inserts when diving dry to provide plenty of room for my drysuit and wool socks. Well made, low profile, quick...
  19. Soloist

    Shearwater ad . . .

    My wife ordered a Teric for me from the LDS yesterday. She is very hopeful it “transforms” me into an attractive, successful and decent human being. Does anyone know what Shearwater’s return policy is?
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