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  1. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Normally arbitration has to do with another insurance company. Its not exactly clear to me why they would refer to claim to arbitration without offically denying it.
  2. DaveScuba

    Leaving Saturday...

    I'm leaving Saturday on a liveaboard trip. What am I forgetting? p.s. have some fun and remind me of little things.
  3. DaveScuba

    Liveaboard Nitrox surcharges - Time for this to go...

    Please remember, if dive boats were airlines, they'd charge us for air. :D
  4. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    I haven't yet, hopefully this week.
  5. DaveScuba

    which has the best diving...Bahamas (Freeport), St Thomas or St Maarten?

    I 2nd Sail Caribbean in BVI. They were excellent when I was on a cruise, they were actually the tour operator for NCL when I was there in January. Very friendly and willing to please. Very relaxed atmosphere on board.
  6. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Anyone got a few hundred grand lying around.... :chuckle::chuckle::chuckle:
  7. DaveScuba


    We'll have today anther time K, since I didn't read your post until the 5th.
  8. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    You could sue in either state, but ultimately the bankruptcy will leave no money for the customers.
  9. DaveScuba

    which has the best diving...Bahamas (Freeport), St Thomas or St Maarten?

    I've never dove the Bahamas via cruise ship, but my folks had a bad experience with a low quality boat one of the operators used. In St. Thomas, booking with the ship you'll get a cattle call service. The diving is great, I'm sure there are some more experienced divers who can recommend...
  10. DaveScuba

    Diving with Nekton cancelled Help needed

    For it to be fraud, you'd have to prove they took your money knowing they were going out of business. Since they stopped answering the phones the week before they officially went under they can say they stopped taking reservations when they had decided to fold. I wish we could get them for...
  11. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Yeah, plagiarism, we got 'em by the balls now! :crafty:
  12. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

  13. DaveScuba

    Diving and exercise

    So from what I remember from my OW course (2001) diving and exercise aren't recommended. I guess first question, am I remembering correctly? My second question is what about light exercise, such as yoga, that's more stretching and balance oriented. Is that ok? or will it lead to problems...
  14. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Count your blessings, I can't get my wife to snorkel.
  15. DaveScuba

    Cuan Law?

    Thanks everyone, We're booked for 7/4. Is it strange that'll I'll be going to the BRITISH Virgin Islands on the 4th of July. Should I bring tea? :rofl3::rofl3:
  16. DaveScuba

    Nekton (Bad News)

    H20, Did you book with Paradise? I talked to them, I think they were trying to say there was room the week you were going, but we couldn't make it work that week. If you do go with them, let us know, I'm possibly interested in them in the future.
  17. DaveScuba

    Cuan Law?

    Has anyone here ever dived off the Cuan Law in BVI? I'm considering it, it looks fantastic and a unique experience. I dove in BVI on a cruise recently and really enjoyed the diving. Anyone familiar with them? Or can at least assure me they aren't a Nekturd? Thanks everyone
  18. DaveScuba

    Nekton closes shop

    EV/Clay Your offer is very generous. We'll be in touch this week most likely. Thanks so much for stepping up and helping us.
  19. DaveScuba

    Taking Liveaboard Suggestions

    Hey everyone, With Nekton now officially being giant turd, I'm looking to replace my trip with them with a new trip. I'm open to suggestions, I've never done a liveaboard before and would appericate the help in picking out a company that will be in business come July :D Thanks, Dave
  20. DaveScuba

    Nekton Rorqual Mini-trip report

    I read the travel insurance offered through the DAN website, based on reading it (and being an insurance adjustor) if you have the policy at least 14 days before the company goes bankrupt, the policy would cover it. Of course, now that Nekton is officially out of business, you can't get...
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