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  1. Zinc

    Where's Zinc?

    I can't for the life of me figure out what this is about... What's up?
  2. Zinc

    Deco Cylinder Mishap

    Horrible news...
  3. Zinc

    CO Analyzer Calibration

    Out of curiosity, how are these calibrated and what's the sensor-life like? I like the Analox 02 Analyzer and simply calibrate on 20.9 ambient air. How does is work with CO? Thanks!
  4. Zinc

    Scientists Discover the Largest Assembly of Whale Sharks Ever Recorded

    Check out the article at the link below: Scientists discover the largest assembly of whale sharks ever recorded It's going to be a great dive season in the Gulf of Mexico. Can't wait to get out to the Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary for some Texas Caribbean diving at it's best...
  5. Zinc

    Best way to dive the Flower Gardens?

    Lot's of good advice here, but here's the combo that works for me... I don't take chances and find the OTC stuff works for me and is readily available and cheap at the local drug store, so I take both: I take the non-drowsy stuff on the drive down (5:00pm). I take the drowsy stuff at...
  6. Zinc

    Lionfish spotted @ Sonnier Banks off La coast

    Dis-like :shakehead:
  7. Zinc

    Hammerheads at Flower Garden Banks

    Naimis, if you had made more than "one really short dive" you would have had a better experience to report on. Yes, the first dive at 8:00 Saturday had very strong current, not surprising for this time of year early in the morning. After descending, I spent most of my dive hanging on the mooring...
  8. Zinc

    Goodby Texas, hello Seattle!

    Best of luck Shaggie... I envision a drysuit in your future;)
  9. Zinc

    Hammerheads at Flower Garden Banks

    Great Trip! My favorite sightings this trip were Tiger Sharks & Manta Ray; I missed the Hammerheads but I did see a cool pic another diver took of 9 schooling. He was at 40', they were at 15'. Excellent Trip Report by the Captain Here's the Text: Trip Report February 19-20, 2011 The last...
  10. Zinc

    Hammerheads at Flower Garden Banks

    February and March is when Hammerheads return to school at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary each year. The Sanctuary includes the Flower Gardens East and West Banks as well as Stetson Bank. If you have never been, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is Texas...
  11. Zinc

    Camp Dive Weekend of Fun April 29,30 and May 1 ?

    I'm scheduled to DM on the Fling, but if it cancels I will be there ;)
  12. Zinc

    Aerolito January 30

    Nice Dive Report Dave, thanks for sharing :D
  13. Zinc

    Full Cave Training in Cozumel

    That's a sweet dive. So very cool to really practice your buoyancy in the shallow water column plus see how far your air supply will last under 20 feet :D Great job guys, keep the posts coming.
  14. Zinc

    Si Tech Neck Tite - Neck Seal Quick Exchange

    Sorry to hear it CPH, real bummer. It looks a low on the suit in the picture based on the distance from the inflator, but it's hard to tell. My neck ring is 2.25 inches (5.715 centimeters) from the inflator measured from the inside. This also assumes most suits have the inflator in the same...
  15. Zinc

    Si Tech Neck Tite - Neck Seal Quick Exchange

    Sorry to hear it and I hope that's the case... I've got around 20 dives on mine installed in USIA suit, no problems. The ring is somewhat rigid and they say you can heat it to curve better over the shoulders. I chose not to, and it has naturally curved over time. I also store it hanging on a 1...
  16. Zinc

    Full Cave Training in Cozumel

  17. Zinc

    Lake Travis Scuba Dive boat Saturday

    Cavemn and I are in.
  18. Zinc

    Tanks for Doubles.

    For weight/capacity in fresh water I use: Drysuit with 10lb BM/SM rig - no weight belt or harness 85's for regular open water & deco dives (sometimes add 2lb soft weights to knee pockets for extra warmth or stage bottles) 108's for overhead and dives requiring more reserves (never need extra...
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