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  1. Newdiv

    Bicycle Tubing ...

    From a standard mountain bike tire. Go to a bike shop and ask if they have one in the garbage from a repair.
  2. Newdiv

    Diving in Alimathaa Jetty

    I did it as a night dive. I was about a foot off the bottom and a stingray went between me and the sand and stopped right under me. I had visions of Steve Irwin coursing through my head. Fortunately I have decent buoyancy and it eventually went on its way.
  3. Newdiv

    Diving in Alimathaa Jetty

    Nice video, I loved this dive when I did it a few years back on Carpe Novo when it was an Explorer Ventures boat.
  4. Newdiv

    Cozumel airport

    Look into the chase sapphire card. It has some very nice perks as well.
  5. Newdiv

    Juliet liveaboard question

    The ladder is basically a stair case.
  6. Newdiv

    Trip Report Sunscape Curacao, Ocean Encounters Diving A++++++

    Good to hear, I’ll be there in July
  7. Newdiv

    Shearwater Transmitters Nitrox vs Air

    Keep in mind your battery will drain faster as it will constantly be looking for the transmitter when it disconnects.
  8. Newdiv

    For Sale 3 Sets of Used Regulators Canadian Dollars

    Responded at the same time as runsongas. I’ll be backup if he wants them
  9. Newdiv

    For Sale 3 Sets of Used Regulators Canadian Dollars

    I’ll take the mk17. Pm sent
  10. Newdiv

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    There are flights for less... i’m just going through the app
  11. Newdiv

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    I got 1st tickets for the week prior to Memorial Day weekend for roughly $1k each from cvg. Now coach tickets for the exact flight are $3200. 1st class are $4k with coach on return due to sold out seats in 1st.
  12. Newdiv

    Scubapro G260 Carbon

    U.S. is also only available with the mk19. I have 2 on order. They are back ordered here.
  13. Newdiv

    Water temperature website

    I find this one good. I think you will be hard pressed to find a sight that gives comprehensive water temps at varying depths. Cozumel ocean water temperature today. Mexico
  14. Newdiv


    For the price of a doxa I would much prefer a breitling avenger seawolf.
  15. Newdiv

    Which 5 Star Resort is best for families with children?

    I stayed here for 2 days prior to a live aboard. Dive shop there but didn’t dive from island. HOMEPAGE - Top Maldives Destination Bandos Maldives
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    SOLD!!! .

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    SOLD!!! .

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    SOLD!!! .

  19. Newdiv

    Which of these regulators do you recommend for our situation?

    I have a Mk25 evo /g260 din available for sell if your interested.
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