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  1. FM1520

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    Thanks. No interest in going into town. diving is the top/only priority.
  2. FM1520

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    What resort has the best shore diving? I will prob us Dive with Martin for boat dives.
  3. FM1520

    Grenada and Carriacou??

    How is the shore diving near True Blue Bay resort? Ill be there in Sept and want to supplement the boat dives with shore dives.
  4. FM1520

    Bahamas for Christmas - idea

    We are looking to supplement boat dives with shore diving. Any recommendations? I heard the Abacos is the place for shore diving.
  5. FM1520

    Loreto, Which Dive Shop?

    Thanks Bob, is there any shore diving in Loreto? We will probably be there during the Christmas break. Can you recommend any hotels/resort that caters to divers? Maybe we'll see you there.
  6. FM1520

    Cabo Pulmo vs. Loreto

    The wife and I are looking at places in Mexico for diving during Christmas brake. Looking at both CAbo Pulmo and Loreto. Diving is the priority so luxury accommodations are not a priority. Any insights or recommendations? Also, we are coming from San Diego so travel into Mexico is pretty easy.
  7. FM1520

    Riviera Maya vs. Cancun

    Thanks. That's a good web-site but it doesn't address diving. I was looking for diving recommendations.
  8. FM1520

    Riviera Maya vs. Cancun

    Hi, What is the difference between Riviera Maya and Cancun as far as diving goes? Looking to go to Cancun but some of the places say Riviera Maya. Thanks!
  9. FM1520

    Kona HI shore dives

    Ill be in Kona HI for the about 10 days over Christmas. I'm looking for recommendations for locations to do shore dives on that side of the island. Thanks!
  10. FM1520

    3-Day: San Clemente Island/Cortes Bank This is a three day specialty trip aboard the Horizon. Our destinations are: San Clemente Island and (hopefully) Cortes Bank & Tanner Bank. A trip of a life time and an unbelievable price. If you are not a member of Power Suba no...
  11. FM1520

    Diving Light recommendations

    What kind of rechargeable batteries do you use?
  12. FM1520

    SK7 vs SK8

    thanks for the info.
  13. FM1520

    For Sale Bottom Timer

    I'm still interested if you still have it for sale. Thanks.
  14. FM1520

    For Sale Bottom Timer

    picture? I'm interested.
  15. FM1520

    SK7 vs SK8

    I have either a sk7 or sk8, how do I tell one from the other?
  16. FM1520

    Suunto SK7 mount question

    Thank you very much!
  17. FM1520

    Suunto SK7 mount question

    How do you remove the compass from the wrist mount, does the bezel need to come off? Any videos out there?
  18. FM1520

    Air Hose Adapter

  19. FM1520

    Air Hose Adapter

    Looking for an adapter that hooks up this pressure gauge to my Scuba air hose.
  20. FM1520

    Raped for repair?

    I just had my 1st and 2nd (MK-10/G250) serviced. $137 out the door, including parts and tax...
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