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  1. Ken Kurtis

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - October 17-24

    Oil spill, Megamouth, new book, and more (please scroll down for details) I'll start with a medical update date and then get to actual dive-related stuff . . . KEN'S COVID UPDATE - The short version is that I've cleared the L.A. County (and CDC) isolation protocols, and feel that I'm...
  2. Ken Kurtis


    Pfizer. Second shot February 26. Reduced antibodies definitely a possibility. No real way to know.
  3. Ken Kurtis


    I cleared the L.A. County mandatory 10-day isolation last night so can resume life (somewhat) today. Will continue to wear a mask even when I don't have to for at least another week or so just to make sure I don't inadvertently infect anyone else. (CDC says no live virus nine days after first...
  4. Ken Kurtis

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - October 10-17 [I-Got-Covid edition]

    Thanks for asking. On the mend. Here's what I posted on FB the other day: KEN'S COVID UPDATE First of all, many thanks to all of you who have sent good wishes either here or with an e-mail. I am forever grateful for your support and friendship. At the suggestion of one of my other buddies, I...
  5. Ken Kurtis

    Sharm El Sheikh - diving with depth limit of 15m

    I'm curious as to why you're limited to one dive a day to a max depth of 15meters/49feet.
  6. Ken Kurtis


    JON COUNCIL - "NASA NEEMO PROJECT" Tomorrow night's speaker is Jon Council who has been a fixture on Catalina for many years. Jon founded and runs the Avalon History of Diving Museum (ground floor of the Casino) as well as he's the go-to guy on Catalina for Marine Animal Rescue. Jon's...
  7. Ken Kurtis

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - October 10-17 [I-Got-Covid edition]

    COVID hits close to home (please scroll down for details) In case you haven't seen my other pronouncements about this . . . I TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID - I think it's safe to say that I've been an advocate for COVID mitigation measures. Get vaxxed, wear a mask, social distance, I...
  8. Ken Kurtis


    More like clown car. 1. I got my second ballot today at 5:04AM (PDT). 2. I voted around 8AM to see if I could cast my second ballot. 3. I sent my e-mail to the BOD around 8:15AM. 4. At 8:47AM, I received an NAUI Elections e-mail stating that one candidate was declared ineligible (I guess they've...
  9. Ken Kurtis


    If you're a NAUI member (and I've been one since 1978), there may be an issue of integrity for the current BOD election. I received two ballots and was able to vote twice. I sent the following note this morning to all current members of the NAUI BOD. if you also received a second ballot, I would...
  10. Ken Kurtis

    LAST BREATH (movie)

    Maybe stretching the definition of accidents & incidents but . . . FABULOUS documentary dealing with the true story of a North Sea saturation diver whose umbilical snaps at 300 feet as the diving bell and boat he is tethered to drifts away due to positioning issues and he is adrift with only...
  11. Ken Kurtis

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - October 3-10

    Not a good way to start October. . . HUNTINGTON BEACH OIL SPILL - There is an ecological disaster in the making whose overall damage is yet unknown. An oil pipeline about 5 miles out from Huntington Beach has sprung a leak and as of this writing (Sunday evening), it's estimated that 126,000...
  12. Ken Kurtis


    Lobster Opener, Avalon, Secret Taxi, & more Above you'll find the October, 2021, issue of the Reef Seekers newsletter, which should download as a 386KB PDF file of four pages. Just click on it to open it or download it. You can also access the newsletter through our...
  13. Ken Kurtis

    Budget Trip Challenge - Bonaire

    Price this as four people in a 2-bd. Much better deal because for the "studio" many times it's just half of a 2-bd, but you don't get access to the living room. With the 2-bd, each 2 people get their own room, there's a common living room and full kitchen, and then a smaller full kitchen off of...
  14. Ken Kurtis

    Trip Report DIVING AVALON - 9/27/21

    Did two dives in the Park on Monday. (Skipped the third dive because of conditions and we all went to play miniature golf.) Marginal conditions. 67º green-ish water, 20-foot-ish viz, lots of particulate, left-to-right current. But lots of Giant Sea Bass, many male & female Sheephead, and some...
  15. Ken Kurtis

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - Sept. 26 - Oct. 3

    Avalon, Rockets, Lobsters, and more (please scroll down for details) It was a fairly quiet week . . . AVALON ON MONDAY - While I'm not looking forward to my alarm going off at 5:30AM, I am looking forward to going over to Avalon on Monday with a small group. I'll do the requisite...
  16. Ken Kurtis

    Testing 1...2...3

    Nice shots with the stage. The reflections are cool and give you a new dimension. However and FWIW . . . David Doubilet (so you're in good company) caught a lot of flack some years ago doing similar shots on the basis of it was not shooting animals in their natural habitat, but required...
  17. Ken Kurtis


    I've got this posted in the SoCal sub-forum but want to make sure we get our NorCal divers as well. Please use this link to read the initial post regarding the MPA Management Decadal Review process and how you can get your voice heard. Thanks...
  18. Ken Kurtis


    This is going out to - as best as I could assemble - scuba diving-related entities (shops, clubs, boats, etc.) in California. The purpose is to keep you informed of the upcoming review process for all of the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) up and down the California coast and off-shore...
  19. Ken Kurtis


    Assuming there's some correlation between web traffic and sales, here are the worldwide rankings from as of today (to be clear, the site doesn't give actual traffic number,s just relative rankings): Leisurepro - 100,579 Divers Direct - 214,740 - 230,284 Dive Right In -...
  20. Ken Kurtis


    Part of the problem there is the financial structure for local SoCal boats. When I book people on a foreign trip, I get commission on every spot sold. Let's say the commission is 10%. Let's say I'm sending one of my staff along as trip leader. And if I sell 10 spots, the 11th spot is free. And...
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