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    Thank you.
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    Well that sucks, all I'm getting are ads for repairing a flat roof. (I don't have a flat roof)
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    ScubaBoard needs your help...

    The pandemic has hit quite a few of us hard. It has had an impact on many people and businesses, myself included. I'll look at what I may be able to afford to help. Thanks for letting us know.
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    diversteve's passing

    Oh my, this is really sad news. My interactions with him were always first class. Truly a person who deserved admiration from the crowd here on Scubaboard. My condolences to his family.
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    Cozumel or Roatan?

    Too late, I have a trip to Roatan planned for April.:D
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    Cozumel or Roatan?

    I have been to both Roatan and Cozumel. 2 different places, 2 different experiences. Both are great but different. Coz is great for the bang for the buck IMO. Roatan is very nice, the diving is great. If I was pinching pennies and wanted to get the most for my dollar, Coz fits that bill...
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    I'm 71 and DAN won't insure me -- now what?

    Just saw this on the Dan Facebook page. No matter your age, you are important to us. DAN currently offers dive accident insurance coverage for divers age 70 and over in all states except Vermont and Washington, and we’re working to bring coverage to all divers in those states as well.
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    Has anyone dove Bonaire?

    Went out with East Coast Divers when I was there. I quit counting turtles somewhere around 30, which was about 10 min into the dive. It was in June and the turtles were laying and resting in the shallower water. They were everywhere. 1000 steps kicked my butt coming back to the truck.
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    TekDiveGirl / Kimber Hawkens Thurman

    Oh my, My sincere condolences to you D_B and Kimber's family.
  10. dmoore19

    Roll Call- COZUMEL December 2018

    Quick question. I haven't been to Coz in 5 years. Is it still the same routine on arrival? Buy a ticket and catch the van to the hotel?
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    Roll Call- COZUMEL December 2018

    Liquid blue for me sorry I forgot to add that.
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    Roll Call- COZUMEL December 2018

    Dec 29-Jan9 Motel Mary Carmen
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    Cayman - Picture of the Day

    Oldie but goodie. About 4 o4 5 years ago, on the deck of the Kittiwake. It's probably a repeat.
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    RIP Renee Applegate ...

    I just read that Apple has passed away. RIP Apple I met Apple several times when she came here to CO for an annual event put on by the Dive shop I use. She was a Grand Lady.
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    Is $1,000 for United to Bonaire in June going to drop??

    I just booked my first trip to Bonaire. I paid 639 RT DEN to BON on United thru Houston. I thought that was a good price.
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    Help: Camera flooded, memory card got wet, is photo recovery hopeless?

    Pretty good responses for a 6 year old thread.:D
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    Dive ops handling wetsuits

    Good to see you posting again. We miss your trip reports.
  19. dmoore19

    Dive ops handling wetsuits

    Mossman lives on...
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    Tropical diving in Colorado

    Ha, drove by the turn off to this attraction yesterday. Forgot that there was supposed to be Scuba activities there.
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