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  1. tr3a

    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    Do not use social media ( a cancer), so None of the above.
  2. tr3a

    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    For trips just spare o-rings, HP seat & LP seat. Only takes 5 min or so to swap a HP seat, maybe a fee minutes longer for LP. Spare reg is far to heavy for international travel to remote locations.
  3. tr3a

    Underwater Vortex from Hell? Socorro Island

    Wife & I got stuck in a vortex in Palau (2013). Did not know what it was until told by other divers not in vortex (actually twin vortexes). Very strange. exhaust bubbles went down. Hard to get to surface even with inflated wing. We were dragged back down twice before reaching surface (confirmed...
  4. tr3a

    Advice wanted for diving with kids

    I started my 2 sons diving when they were 10 & 12. From the beginning they were two of the best dive buddies I have ever had (not counting my wife). That was 23 years ago, they are still top notch. I hope to begin the process again when my oldest grandchild is old enough
  5. tr3a

    Things you are (almost but not really) ashamed of doing while diving

    Thats US based diving. Locations like Indo, PI, and surrounding areas including live a-boards, pony bottles are as common as hens teeth.
  6. tr3a

    Coffee on dive trips and liveaboards

    Lewis & Clark water heater from REI. 120/220V. Really just a heating element rated for 220. With 120 it takes forever to boil (10 min), but with 220 two min or less. Small weighs next to nothing.
  7. tr3a

    Old 72 question

    Never had anyone complain about my pipe thread 72’s. That said, McMaster has a mil-spec teflon tape that is slightly thicker (very slight difference) but using it makes a world of difference. Remember it needs to be tight but you do not need to bury the valve in the tank. Some of my valves are...
  8. tr3a

    Regulator configuration for rec diving

    Double hose for all my diving. Locally only a pressure gauge, no octo, no BC inflator. When traveling I will hook up an octo (on 40” hose) and inflator. Been 4 or 5 years since I last used a single hose.
  9. tr3a

    Dacor double hose identification

    I have an double diaphragm “dial a breath”. On mine the main diaphragm’s were fine (quality looks as good as the USD diaphragm’s. The HP seat can be lapped if need be. Second stage seat easy to fabricate. On mine the first stage diaphragm was hard, I located a NOS replacement slightly more...
  10. tr3a

    Is dive certification really necessary?

    Just curious, which counties require a permit? I know the St Cloud quarries do (not worth the effort), and the Twin cities lakes at various times have required permits in the past. Was not aware of anything on county level, perhaps in southern part of state?
  11. tr3a

    Incident in St Andrews Lake - Regulator failed shut

    I have seen one case of diaphragm first stage failing totally closed. Seat material delaminated from HP seat. Near impossible to purge reg for removal
  12. tr3a

    Diving the SS Emperor circa 1978

    Brings back memories of diving that wreck in mid 70's
  13. tr3a

    New/old Nemrod Silver Snark III

    Used a Nemrod Snark 3 in 1974 for about 4 months. Worst breathing regulator I had ever used so got rid of it. Get rid of the 1 inch hoses and put USD hoses and mouthpiece on it. The Nemrod hoses are like sucking thru a straw
  14. tr3a

    Hands up. Who likes to dive under a pier?

    In some parts of the world the trash under the pier might be a condominium for cool creatures.
  15. tr3a

    Picked up an AL80 Luxfer Tank **Deal**

    some years I may only have one cylinder needing testing other years four or five cylinders. Never had a dive shop blink an eye over no pressure
  16. tr3a

    Picked up an AL80 Luxfer Tank **Deal**

    If you take the tank directly to a Hydro tester you will save a lot compared to dive shop prices (most just farm out the work). Call around. Where I am Hydros are $15-20 which include visual (first part of hydro process). Another $1.00 for visual sticker (from hydro facility)
  17. tr3a

    Who's still diving AGA system?

    Had one in I believe 1974 which I used for several years before selling it. It was very comfortable above water as well as underwater. The main reason I got rid of it was despite promises I could not get it filled beyond 3500psi. Also extreme negative buoyancy, with a 3/8 thk wetsuit no weight...
  18. tr3a

    J Valve

  19. tr3a

    VIP / Fill

    When I bring mine in I usually crack the valve myself as well as making sure my reserve levers are down (most of my cylinders are old).
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