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  1. ajanelle

    SOLD!!! AL-30 Pony Bottle/Setup

    I've got one. Not willing to ship but if you can find transport from Cave Country to NYC we can work out a deal.
  2. ajanelle

    Want to Buy Complete argon system

    Also looking for AL6 and mounting
  3. ajanelle

    Want to Buy ISO Older Dive Rite regs (RG1208/RG2010)

    Jacob Kuhn is selling some older model dive rites on facebook.
  4. ajanelle

    Florida - good tec spots for continuing training

    High springs has a large concentration of really high level instructors. I’d hit up Cave Country Dive Shop or Extreme Exposure to get specific recommendations, or shoot me a PM.
  5. ajanelle

    Want to Buy LP104s

    Looking for a set of LP104s. Not in a rush to get them, but shoot me a message if you have some you’re willing to part with. Located in cave country.
  6. ajanelle

    Backup light and recreational primary light

    The BX2 is perfect for what you need. I've absolutely abused it as a recreational dive light and it still works just as well as when I got it. I've been using it as a backup and it works perfectly. I have an Edge that I use for a similar purpose, and the BX2 is better in almost every way: better...
  7. ajanelle

    Optimal Back-Plate and Wing

    I'm a strong believer that minimalist is the way to go. Extra D rings, pockets on the BC, etc. don't make very much sense to me. A single piece of webbing has a lot less failure points than something with buckles. I would look outside of these packages. There are plenty of used options that...
  8. ajanelle

    Want to Buy WTB Small Drysuit

    Looking to buy a small compressed neoprene or trilam drysuit. I'm 5'7 and 140 lbs. Prefer glued vs taped seams. Ok with a project suit but would like a working zipper. DM with anything you have available.
  9. ajanelle

    Cave Country Regional Map?

    Ah, gotcha. I am not aware of any artistic renderings. The only ones I know are prepared in a more technical manner: GUE Karst Map Florida Cave Distribution Map, data 2014 Cave heat map from Chuck Sutherland
  10. ajanelle

    Cave Country Regional Map?

    Most of the shops in the cave country area (Cave Country Dive Shop, Extreme Exposure, and Dive Outpost) have various high quality cave maps for sale.
  11. ajanelle

    Want to Buy Dive Rite Regulators

    Looking to buy used Dive Rite first and second stages. Would like some older ones (RG3100s) but XTs are cool too. Message me with details if you have any!
  12. ajanelle

    Your "Solo Diving." Decompression Bottles(s) Setup?

    Is there a reason you are diving with both bladders hooked up to inflation? It seems that locating a bladder that is auto-inflating would be especially difficult, if not potentially dangerous.
  13. ajanelle

    Need feedback on 1st BP/W for scientific diving

    I would just dive a steel plate. If you're only diving aluminum 80s I prefer something that will still be slightly negative with an empty bladder and tank. It should also be a balanced rig, at least I would guess you could swim up 6 lb of weight. As someone said above, a plate is a plate, and a...
  14. ajanelle

    Divers Insurance...Yay or Nay?

    DAN is a must. Most emergency physicians are unfamiliar with hyperbaric medicine and DAN is capable of providing information and organizing emergency care. Even if you do everything right on a dive you can still receive "undeserved" DCI hits. If you dive enough you will absolutely need it at one...
  15. ajanelle

    Current Prices for Helium in US and Europe

    I've seen it range from $1-1.20/ft^3 in Florida
  16. ajanelle

    Pink Cave Line

    Sweet! Thanks all.
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