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  1. JoeFriday

    Covid test to get home?

    Not sure which forum this belongs in. But multiple countries have recently declared that a "covid test" will be required to "come back home". It makes sense for dive travellers to understand how this affects their travel plans. Tell us what rules you know about...for your origin and your...
  2. JoeFriday

    COVID Air Travel Experiences?

    What is taking an airplane flight like in this new age of COVID? What has changed? It would be nice to be able to share real experiences of recent travelers so that we all could start to understand how changes to air travel may affect our upcoming vacations that we are eagerly looking forward...
  3. JoeFriday

    Old but not yet vintage strobes?

    My impression is that most camera people are focused on the bestest newest gear. It seems like there are very few discussions about "slightly" older gear. Does anyone feel there is any value to talk about best use of older strobes? Seems like the consensus is Manual strobe control. Old strobes...
  4. JoeFriday

    Want to Buy Sea & Sea 6 pin Nikonos bulkhead

    I have a small project that involves testing an old sea & sea ttl converter with a newer canon camera. The simplest way to connect the devices would be with a Sea & Sea SS-50121 assembly. But they are very expensive for just testing. So I am looking for something used that is collecting dust...
  5. JoeFriday

    Oyster shucking!

    Finally found a valuable use for one of our dive knifes - oyster shucking. My dive buddy and I each have a small-ish dive knife attached to the right shoulder strap of our BCDs. In general we forget we have them (that may be a bad thing...Note to self, before next dive review with dive buddy...
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