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  1. Scuba-Lad

    Kraken, VDH back plate with Oxycheq Mach V30 wing?

    Hey Kraken Owners! Does anyone use the Oxycheq Mach V30 wing with their Kraken and VDH backplate? I have very limited options in the country I live when it comes to wings, the Oxycheq Mach v30 looks about the closest to a VDH wing, but I can't try it with my setup without buying one, pretty...
  2. Scuba-Lad

    Using Nitrox during SSI Stress & Rescue course

    Hey all, Thinking of doing SSI stress & rescue, currently I have SSI OW, Deep Dive & Nitrox. Had a search around and couldn't see anything specifically answering this question - presumably there are no issues using Nitrox instead of air when taking the stress & rescue course? Other than perhaps...
  3. Scuba-Lad

    Want to Buy Argonaut Kraken DH with or without back plate and wing

    Hey All, As per the title I'm looking to buy an Argonaut Kraken ideally with the back plate and wing, but open to just purchasing the regulator itself. I'm located in Indonesia and happy to cover the shipping costs, or alternatively I have friends in the states to ship to.
  4. Scuba-Lad

    Kraken compatible BC / BP&W?

    Hello Everyone, Looking at possibly purchasing a Argonaut Kraken, second hand of course as new stock seems to be empty at the moment. In terms of BC, I'd love to use the VDH back plate and wing but again they are out of stock, so I'm forced to use something different it seems. I have the...
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