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  1. CaptainPanda

    Question regarding tank fills

    Holy cow, did this thread blow up. I went back to the LDS and mentioned that I appeared to have gotten a low fill, and asked if they would top it off for me. They grabbed a pressure checker and confirmed, yep, totally a low fill in this tank, we'll fix it for you right away. Super gracious and...
  2. CaptainPanda

    Any tips for sea sickness?

    For the boat, Sea Bands have worked surprisingly well. They're wristbands that have a small plastic bead on them, and they act on pressure points in your forearms/wrists to help prevent nausea.
  3. CaptainPanda

    Question regarding tank fills

    Hi, all, as the title suggests, I have a question regarding the tank fills at my LDS. I have a steel 100 tank that I use all but exclusively. As far as I understand, the shop does a sort of quick fill method; they overpressurize the tank, and then cool the tank in water so that, when cool, it...
  4. CaptainPanda

    Scuba Diver Out of Air and Emergency Ascent - Buddy failure

    I'm only speaking as a beginner, but another factor that I can think of in this situation is whether or not there is surface support. If it's just me and my buddy, and we're on a shore dive or something, I want to get to the surface as quickly and safely as I can, ignoring stops if need be, and...
  5. CaptainPanda

    SMB Color Standards?

    Hey, all, I'm planning a few dive trips for the next year or so to the Caribbean, and I'm curious to know if there are any collective 'standards' as far as SMB colors for the area? I was told in training that in some areas, for example, an orange SMB means 'no issues,' but a yellow SMB is a...
  6. CaptainPanda

    Suit Filed against Bonne Terre Mine / West End

    How strict would you say they are? I'm reading through the rules and it all seems understandable to me, short of their wetsuit guidelines; I dive a 5mm overall in 60 deg water and do just fine, but they're saying a 7mm is required.
  7. CaptainPanda

    Difference between 2 similar models

    Does anyone know the difference between the Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C4 eLED Dive Light and the C4 eLED (L2) model? Other than price, of course.
  8. CaptainPanda

    Akona Roller vs. TUSA Roller - Looking for advice

    Hey, all, I'm looking for a gear bag to use when travelling, and I think I've narrowed the choice down to two: the Akona Roller Duffel (Akona Roller Duffel Bag (AKB223)) or the TUSA Roller Duffel (TUSA Roller Duffle Bag). I like the Akona because it's big enough for all my stuff plus extras...
  9. CaptainPanda

    Drift Hooks

    So this is a lot of opinion questions, but what does everyone like in a drift hook? I'm going on a drift dive next year, and should probably pick one up. Single hook vs. Double hook? Rope vs. Strap? What length do you like best? Any other tips/tricks?
  10. CaptainPanda

    Fly then Dive

    Obviously, dive then fly is not a good idea. What about fly then dive? I'm assuming I can go diving the same day I fly into a location?
  11. CaptainPanda

    Transporting tanks in vehicles

    Hey, gang, just curious to know if anyone might know of any restrictions or regulations in the US for transporting pressurized tanks in personal vehicles? Someone mentioned that I should have a green 'compressed air' sticker on the car, but I'm not sure if that's actually required, or if there...
  12. CaptainPanda

    Nitrox - Is it "worth it"?

    A related question: how much more worth it is a nitrox certification class than if you take a nitrox adventure dive? What more do you learn in the class that makes a certification class worth the cost?
  13. CaptainPanda

    HD Masks vs. Clear Masks

    Sort of, yeah. More specifically, I'm curious about masks like this that claim to 'sharpen colors' or 'improve clarity,' kind of like those HD glasses you see in infomercials. I've never used them, so I'm wondering if they actually work.
  14. CaptainPanda

    Thoughts on Mares Hybrid Pure?

    Yeah, I had the same concerns. I took a look at the MRS-Plus weight pockets by themselves, and amazingly, it looks like they hold 13 lbs *per pocket*, which makes that a total of 26 lbs, plus two 5 lb trim pockets on the BC. At the LeisurePro price point, I'm thankful that you pointed out the...
  15. CaptainPanda

    HD Masks vs. Clear Masks

    Do HD Masks actually make a difference underwater, or are they a bit overhyped?
  16. CaptainPanda

    Thoughts on Mares Hybrid Pure?

    Thanks for taking a look. I've noticed some discrepancy in what people are actually calling a 'Mares Hybrid Pure' BCD; looks like people might be confusing the Mares Pure and the Mares Hybrid Pure. Did you have the Pure, or the Hybrid Pure?
  17. CaptainPanda

    Thoughts on Mares Hybrid Pure?

    LeisurePro claims to have some left in stock. If it turns out they don't have any by the time I'm ready to buy, I'll likely take you up on that!
  18. CaptainPanda

    Thoughts on Mares Hybrid Pure?

    So, this may seem like an odd question, but: would it be possible to remove the waist strap on the Mares Hybrid Pure and replace it with a longer strap? I really like the features of the BCD and am leaning toward picking it up, but I'm concerned that the strap may be a little too small for me on...
  19. CaptainPanda

    Big Eyes vs. Big Eyes Evo?

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the Cressi Big Eyes mask and Cressi Big Eyes Evolution mask? I can't really tell from looking. Cressi Big Eyes Black Skirt Mask Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask with Black Skirt
  20. CaptainPanda

    BCDs for Big Divers

    Yeah, that's part of the reason I'm concerned; I don't know if they'll have rental equipment my size, so I'd like to be prepared, just in case.
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