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  1. jfe

    World’s deepest indoor dive pool open in Dubai

    Any of you guys in the UAE planning to visit this anytime soon? As I understand the first month is by invitation only and thereafter it’ll be open to the general public. Would like to get some feedback on this. World's Deepest Indoor Pool Opens At Deep Dive Dubai | Scuba Diver Mag
  2. jfe

    BOV and DS feed

    Reading through a lot of BOV discussions, the use of connectors and use of on-board / off-board supply etc. made me wonder about how to feed a dry suit and BOV if one is to feed both from the bailout or off-board supply if you only carry one additional cylinder. I've seen arguments to support DS...
  3. jfe

    Zoop resetting itself during dive

    I bought my son a Zoop and had to do a battery change. Bought the official kit and did the battery change. About 5 dives later the Zoop reset itself during a dive, bit concerning. I reset the history on the D5 app and it has got progressively worse since then. On a 40 min dive the computer will...
  4. jfe

    Cell failure on handset

    I need advice please. since service I've done 3 dives on my unit, shallow dives to 15m for a total dive time of 229 minutes. Incerted new cells with a total time of 136 min. This weekend on my 2nd dive at the safety stop my handset suddenly showed cell 1 FAIL, however the hud kept on displaying...
  5. jfe

    Is the Mk VI / SE7EN really that dangerous

    I'm confused and at odds with myself concerning the Mk VI / SE7EN. I have, through forums and discussion with many other brand CCR divers heard the VI/7 is bound to kill you and the RB with the most recorded fatalities, prone to fail unconditionally etc. However I do like a lot of things I've...
  6. jfe

    Strange critter or not?

    Dive buddy took this picture few weeks ago and was asking what this is, to me it looks like some poor aminal spine that ended up in the gulf, or is this actually a small animal of sorts?
  7. jfe

    113 y.o Russian warship found

    Came accross this article this morning, found it quite interresting that there will be that much doubt as to the claim, maybe most new discoveries are sceptical untill proven. On the other hand, to my untrained eye and limited knowladge, the wreck doesn't look 113 years old, I would have thought...
  8. jfe

    Thank you OrcaTorch

    After my Orca D611 failed (Orca Torch D611), issue with the LED, I took a stab in the dark and contacted OrcaTorch to report the issue. A lady by the name of Erica Long handled my inquiry and set up a replacement of the light unit. I received it yesterday. Can I say thank yu OrcaTorch for the...
  9. jfe

    Lens confusion

    Hope someone can help me out on this one. I'm looking at buying a macro lens and in particular been looking at the Fantasea range. Here is where I get confused: what is the difference between a SharpEye lens and the UCL range? Here are the specs on each: UCL-05LF +6 Macro Lens Description: +6...
  10. jfe

    Successful emergency "test"

    We are a group of tech and rec divers who dive together from a boat. We have our emergency protocol set out for different scenarios that may arise. Yesterday we were diving a wreck at 36m (118ft). As per normal plans were discussed and everyone aware. We were 2 x 2 man and 1 x 3 man teams...
  11. jfe

    Orca Torch D611

    Got my torch today and I have to say first impression is that the quality seems good. Look like a well made little canister light and I'm eager to get it in the water and check it out on the wreck this weekend, permitting we're going. Torch was nicely packed in a case with charger and batteries...
  12. jfe

    How to choose batteries for lights

    May have been discussed before, but I'm curious about how to choose the correct battery for a light, dive light that is. The following is sepcs on a head lamp fitted with a XM-L T6 LED Maximum Drive Current 3 A Max Power (W) 10 W Max Light Output (lm) 1040 lm Maximum Efficacy at Binning...
  13. jfe

    Flip adapter for DC wide angle lens

    I have the DC1400 with the wide angle lens. However I also have a Nikon 1 housing that I would love to try the wide angle lens on. Is there a flip adapter, or any other adapter that will take the Sealife lens on the market? I've searched but cannot find any adapter for a slip-on lens.
  14. jfe

    Service kit #3769 urgently wanted

    I am in urgent need of service kit #3769, I've searched he web but I keep on turning up empty. Please is there is anyone with the kit(s) available or just point me in the right direction, I am desperate.
  15. jfe

    First time with J1

    I have to say I am real happy with my first outing with my J1 and WP-N1 housing. Bought it in Dec but had to wait till yesterday to take it underwater, and I'm happy with the setup and results. Didn't take too many pictures and didn't play with any settings other than preset the ISO at 200. Just...
  16. jfe

    Photoshop confusion

    Okay I need some advice / clarification on Adobe Photoshop. I got on their website to purchace and then it got all confusing, buy for $19.99 a month or $141 for 12 month etc. I thought you buy the software and user rights to the software for $x and away you go. Now it seems that you buy a short...
  17. jfe

    UK D4 / C4 parts

    I have an older style UK D4 Sun Light tourch, still have the dual bulb reflector fittings. For no other reason than curiosity mainly I was wondering if the newer C4 Xenon or even Led internals will fit the D4 casing. From what I can seen the shell and battery is exactly the same but cannot find...
  18. jfe

    Nikonos SB105 for entry level

    I'm looking into a Nikon 1 J1 setup (with Nikon housing) and was wondering if the older tipe Nikonos SB105 stobe would work with this as an entry level setup. I first want to get the baseline stuff correct before I will make the leap into the high $ market and frankly cannot currently afford a...
  19. jfe

    Poseidon Triton 2000 1st stage regulator

    A friend of mine gave me his old crate of dive gear he bought 10 years ago and did a few dives with and never again. He had two Poseidon Triton 2000 regulator sets in there that looked brand new still. Thing is I dislike the 2nd stage look and feel, but I'm interrested to know about the 1st...
  20. jfe

    Polaroid Underwater Housing for Canon EOS 70D

    I am considering the Polaroid Underwater Housing for my 70D. I've looked at some reviews on the internet and they seem to have a fairly good rating. Also found one on eBay, not the Polariod though, that sells with a dome port that looks attractive giving the price range (that really suits me)...
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