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  1. RayfromTX

    Gopro found on Cedral

    Last photos taken on the 8th. If you are the person in the selfies, come and get it. PM me.
  2. RayfromTX

    A Cozumel Party With No Coronas- Witnessing An End Of An Era

    As I write this, I’m on one of the last flights out of Cozumel. This will be my trip report. This was supposed to be a very special trip and it was, but not in the way I expected. There is a lot of that right now. Originally planned for the last 6 weeks of 2019, life and work got in the way...
  3. RayfromTX

    Cameron Donaldson (northernone) One Year Memorial Gathering

    Last year our hearts broke into a million pieces. We have been stitching it back together with memories and shared love for Cameron Donaldson. March 16th, 2020 will be our day of remembrance for his spectacular life. Family and friends will be gathering at Los Girasoles across the street from...
  4. RayfromTX

    Blacktip Scooter- Limited To Weighting, Buoyancy and Trim

    I have just received my new Blacktip. I'm taking it to Cozumel for an extended trip. I'd like to get it close on weighting before I go to avoid taking more adjustment weights that necessary. There are several comments about weighting this scooter sprinkled through the threads here and in a...
  5. RayfromTX

    Rigging Your DSMB- A New Take On An Old Problem

    There are many threads and many videos that have been done about rigging your DSMB so that it launches quickly and easily and doesn't come undone before you want it to with the resulting line trailing behind you. I have spent far too many hours trying to figure it out and I had a quite workable...
  6. RayfromTX

    Source For Replacement Sensors in the US and Elsewhere

    DiveNav has now closed for business which leaves owners of their products looking for replacement sensors and batteries along with calibration gas for the CO testing products. The original CO sensor is made by DD Scientific in Great Britain. The sensors are reasonably priced but shipping...
  7. RayfromTX

    Mouth Breathing 101 (Nasal air leakage challenges my buddy)

    An old friend of mine recently decided to seize opportunities and try new things. He decided to get certified and travel to Cozumel with my wife and I for our annual holiday trip. He got certified two weeks ago and we dove with him at the lake last weekend. He is having a problem with air...
  8. RayfromTX

    Adding Dromedary as Redundant Buoyancy in Stealth Tec

    Who has done this? Why is it a bad idea? Why is it a good idea? I know it is done but would like to learn your experiences.
  9. RayfromTX

    Recent Opinions On Air Integrated Computers For Technical Diving

    In 2012 this thread Tech Diving and Air Integration was posted about opinions of air integrated computers for technical diving along with a poll. Since then, things have obviously changed but how much of a shift we have made is a question that interests me. I am starting my technical training...
  10. RayfromTX

    That was some crazy current today

    We aborted 30 minutes in. With an almost full bc and finning up I was holding at 70’ and my bubbles were descending or swarming around me. The current was pushing us out and down so staying on the bottom to hide from the worst of it meant getting deeper and deeper. We were on Cedral and the...
  11. RayfromTX

    Why not add a second OPRV dump valve to the Stealth Tec 2.0?

    I've read the complaints about the Stealth dump valve being inconveniently mounted in the center at the bottom of the wing and I can get past that issue. Unfortunately my wife is 5'1" tall and can barely reach it if the wing is partially inflated (barely) and not at all if it is close to fully...
  12. RayfromTX

    Cameron Donaldson (northernone) a requiem

    Cameron Donaldson - a requiem 3-23-2019 It is with great reluctance and heavy hearts that we acknowledge that in the absence of a true miracle we will never again see Cameron alive. Our hearts are broken and our spirits battered. Our minds say he...
  13. RayfromTX

    Split off discussion of differences in healthcare systems

    This is a split from a thread entitled, Safest locales for diving around the world? The sidebar discussion about healthcare systems has been moved here.
  14. RayfromTX

    Teric Updated Lead Time 4-6 Weeks

    When I first ordered my Terics for my wife and I on 10-23-2018 the estimated lead time was 18-20 weeks due to unexpected demand. I was a bit disappointed to not get them before our Xmas trip to Cozumel but since we have Perdix at the moment, that is really a first world problem. I was notified...
  15. RayfromTX

    Testing for Carbon Monoxide May Save You

    I was on a liveaboard in the Gulf of Oman last weekend. I always test for CO with my cootwo. I have found numbers as high as 2ppm but usually somewhere in the .3 to .9 range if any is detected. On this boat there were tanks from two different suppliers and there were about 60 tanks on board as...
  16. RayfromTX

    The Reward Of Diving With Purpose

    My wife and I fell in love with diving from the first bubbles and we jumped in with both fins. We had no intention of becoming scuba divers and in fact we turned one discover dive into two and into a two tank boat dive in Cozumel before we even considered getting certified. We came home from...
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