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  1. Saniflush

    New Dive Buddies

    Got a couple of new dive buddies a few weeks ago. My son (11) and daughter (13) joined our ranks. They were champs in the pool and on open water dives.
  2. Saniflush

    Perdix AI Stolen

    Was not mine...well not exactly true. Originally was mine but had sold to my sister a year ago. Stolen out of checked luggage at Miami international airport before the flight to Atlanta a couple of months ago. I know, I know. She just realized it when I asked her to break it out for me to...
  3. Saniflush

    ScubaBoard - The new dive club?

    So @Capt Jim Wyatt made a statement in another thread about the great thing about Scubaboard was that there were so many people that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with others. I completely agree and it's one of the reasons why I have enjoyed it here as much as what I...
  4. Saniflush


    So who has the skinny on this outfit? Searched around and there is not much on it. We are looking at their "Adventurer" liveaboard for 2022 in Raja Ampat/Misool. They say all the right things but I have just not found much in the way of reviews on them and even less since everything has been...
  5. Saniflush

    6 Days diving in the Keys

    Just got back from diving in the Keys the 13th through the 18th. 23 dives Went out with Conch Republic. Very professional and knowledgeable organization. We were really fortunate in that most of the weather missed us the entire week. We did come into crappy weather on that Saturday and it...
  6. Saniflush

    Rescue team searches for possible missing diver at Wekiva Springs State Park

    Rescue team searches for possible missing diver at Wekiva Springs State Park ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – First responders are out searching for a possible missing diver at Wekiva Springs State Park. Orange County Fire Rescue Lt. Brandon Allen said they received a call around 11 a.m. Tuesday from...
  7. Saniflush

    Bahamas travel

    Also posted this in the Bahamas forum but thought it might should be here as well.
  8. Saniflush

    Traveling to Bahamas

    Just thought I would pass this piece of information along.....
  9. Saniflush

    Strobe knower-abouters

    So I am still adding to my breadth of knowledge when it comes to things going wrong and right in almost all things photography, hence why I am coming to the knower-abouters... I have a Sea Life strobe and put hot batteries in it Saturday morning before we were heading to the boat. As normal...
  10. Saniflush

    Healing the brain

    Not dive medicine really but dive medicine tools and I found the article interesting. It is a year old but I had not seen it before Healing the brain: LSU professor sees Alzheimer's patient improve after hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  11. Saniflush

    Link123Plus and DC2000

    So this could just as easily be a post about the shortcomings of the app that goes along with the DC2000, but I am going to shelve those comments for now. What I really want to know about more specifically is why when I download a days worth of pictures via the app, why do a few of the...
  12. Saniflush

    Diving after Inspire cpac procedure

    So I have a friend that is looking at having this procedure done but cannot find out any information pertaining to the ability to dive if at all after it. Any of our resident knowerabouters have any insight?
  13. Saniflush


    Any update on making this wireless connect app more user friendly? I was REALLY impressed with the app you all have for the micro 2.0. This one not so much. I have heard rumor that you were going to address this but could not get any confirmation of it while I was beating on your sales staff...
  14. Saniflush

    Holding the DC2000

    So I purchased a DC2000 about a month ago. It came with a strobe and video light and double tray. I have not had a chance to actually dive with it but I have been in the pool with it a couple of times to get a feel for it's weight and function. I am really happy with my purchase however I...
  15. Saniflush

    Next camera?????

    What do you do when you have questions? Ask those that already have strong opinions and are the knowerabouters. A little background. I have never been all that interested in photography on land so when Mrs Flush and I got certified I did little more than raise and eyebrow when she said she...
  16. Saniflush

    L.A. county...Where diving almost died

    Well not died but after seeing @Sam Miller III tag line on his posts and knowing he is a primary keeper of knowledge about diving and more specifically things on the West coast I thought it made sense. So a podcast that I listen to, has over the last three weeks gone over an incident in L.A...
  17. Saniflush

    El Dorado

    One positive that came along because of the hurricane last year in the panhandle is a new dive site as of Friday
  18. Saniflush

    Snorkel/Dive Reefs

    Not sure how conducive they will be to diving but I like where their head is at. Okaloosa Island adds first offshore snorkel reef
  19. Saniflush

    Sharkwater Extinction

    Last movie of Rob Stewart debuts October 5th ‘Sharkwater Extinction’: Watch trailer for Rob Stewart’s final shark movie
  20. Saniflush


    What am I missing? It must be something. In looking at pricing to dive in Belize next April it seems to be quite expensive. For the kinds of pricing I am seeing in looking online we would be better off by a wide margin doing a liveaboard or just going somewhere else all together. Is it truly...
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