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    One other thing that I'm sure you'll hear again. If you've gotten to 15' without equalizing you've gone way past where you should have equalized. Equalize every couple feet and slow the decent. Other than that see an ENT like others said. Good luck. I hope you figure it out.
  2. Ghost95

    Navarre area dive op recommendations needed please

    Good luck. Enjoy your trip.
  3. Ghost95

    Navarre area dive op recommendations needed please

    You picked a nice time of year to visit here. The closest dive shop is Shark Quest, it's about 15 mins west of Navarre on HWY 98. I have bought gear there and get tanks filled there but I have never been out on their boat. I think they said they do lionfish trips but I'm not sure where they...
  4. Ghost95

    Minelab Excalibur 11

  5. Ghost95

    Scubapro Balanced Power Inflator(BPI) Worth the cost?

    I worked a shop many years ago and they pushed us to sell the SP Balanced inflator, mainly for the profit margin over other inflators. I asked why it was better and all they would say was "Because it's balanced, Like the G250". I don't think I ever sold one. I couldn't give a good reason why...
  6. Ghost95

    Oriskany tips?

    Highly recomend MBT. Great group there. Enjoy and post about the dive if you get the chance.
  7. Ghost95

    Minelab Excalibur 11

    Thats cool!
  8. Ghost95

    Is it time to kill DSDs and go back to the drawing board?

    I think you answered your own question in the article. Make the quality of the DSD better. Was it your shop who had instructors taking people to 110', leaving students in their wake, or putting then in sub standard gear or were those contacts from other DSD operators? I wasn't sure. Of course...
  9. Ghost95

    Minelab Excalibur 11

    Interesting finds. I see gun parts and a cannonball, whats the brass thing, any idea?
  10. Ghost95

    Minelab Excalibur 11

    The stock shaft works ok for diving but sucks for land hunting. You can DIY a straight shaft for land hunts pretty easy and it will be much easier to hunt. There are a lot of youtube videos on how to tune the machine for where you hunt and what different targets sound like. I found going...
  11. Ghost95

    Second VIP test after Hydro test?

    You're right. When you drop a tank off at a Hydro Facility they usually just do the hydro so you need a vip done before being filled. If you drop your tank off at a dive shop it's usually run as a Hydro/VIP where the shop does the VIP when the tank returns from hydro.
  12. Ghost95

    Check this vintage ad out...

    I wondered if they made something like that. Seems much easier to work the valves. That's how I rig my pony when I rig it to the tank.
  13. Ghost95

    Check this vintage ad out...

    Looks like the tanks are mounted upside down and the regulator is just sitting there. I don't see a manifold.
  14. Ghost95

    hand held fan

    Ever seen the movie "The Deep"? Ping Pong paddles is what they used.
  15. Ghost95

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    Surprised you survived the dive with that old regulator and those crazy fins!:wink:
  16. Ghost95

    Exploration Diving

    I enjoy the spirit even if it is exploration dive light. Just walking up to a body of water that I've never been in before and that I've never heard of anyone diving before is an adventure. It may be a bay or a beach or even a river. You never know what challenges are waiting or what's there to...
  17. Ghost95

    Close call with wildlife!

    Brim, bluegill, sunfish, all the same family. Some are larger than others. Some have a stronger bite like the shell cracker. Ouch.
  18. Ghost95

    Close call with wildlife!

    Yes, sunfish. Who knew they had tiny sharp teeth, a quick strong bite, and a proclivity for nipples? Don't say you weren't warned.
  19. Ghost95

    How is rental gear sanitized?

    How is rental gear what? The salt or sun kills everything.
  20. Ghost95

    Close call with wildlife!

    Never swim shirtless in those areas either. Ouch!
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