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  1. Doctorfish

    Good family hotel with house reef?

    Our daughter learned to dive at Buddys; excellent dive school and easy access to the shallow area from the dock for the in water classes. We have gone back there 5+ times and never had a bad stay. We dive the house reef most evenings or nights. Divi or Captain Dons would also meet your needs...
  2. Doctorfish

    Bonaire - where to stay?

    Good to know. My experience is pre Covid.
  3. Doctorfish

    Bonaire - where to stay?

    I personally would opt for Buddys. Good house reef and boat dive op. Good breakfasts and OK restaurants on site. Several restaurants in walking distance including Eddies, Between Two Buns, Rum Runners. There are recent trip reports for both Captain Dons and Buddys below for reference. I think...
  4. Doctorfish

    Dive boat etiquette and buoyancy check

    Doing a weight check on the way in will potentially hold up the whole group. If everybody else is waiting at the bottom of the mooring burning through their air, you won't be very popular on the boat. My plan would be to overweight on the first dive and do the check between dives once the boat...
  5. Doctorfish

    New fin recommendations?

    If you are diving Coz and Keys, why not try a full foot fin. No booties, buoyancy or ankle weight issues and less to carry. I use Mares Quattro Power for tropical diving and find they give me very good propulsion in current. I like them a lot.
  6. Doctorfish

    Bonaire Trip Report (video)

    Thanks for sharing. Great video. The videographer has outstanding dive skills to be able to get such great close up shots without spooking the subjects.
  7. Doctorfish

    Buddy Dive is a class act

    Air Canada is refunding but my big issue is lost opportunity costs. I am self employed and have nothing booked for that week.
  8. Doctorfish

    Buddy Dive is a class act

    I was originally scheduled to go to Buddy Dive Sept 9-17 and unexpectedly, Air Canada announced last Thursday that they were cancelling my flight to Curacao from Toronto precluding getting to Bonaire. Buddy Dive's written policy is that if a cancellation is <14 days, they will only refund 25% of...
  9. Doctorfish

    Odd ear fullness again

    you have serous otitis media due to mild barotrauma and it will clear up over time as the fluid is resorbed. I have had this several times and IMO medications will just have potential side effects without a significant benefit.
  10. Doctorfish

    Best macro site - shore dive in Grand Cayman

    Anyone know whether the Stoney Coral Disease situation has impacted these sights?
  11. Doctorfish

    But I poop in the late morning (serious question)

    Imodium IMO is no solution. Will just result in constipation and greater irregularity. There have been a number of good suggestions in the thread already that do not require medications.
  12. Doctorfish

    Wonderful experience at Buddy Dive

    I have plugged in camera batteries, dive lights, computers, tablets, phones ,and kindle readers without a problem over the years. No transformer and no surge protector.
  13. Doctorfish

    Wonderful experience at Buddy Dive

    As I recall, no need for adaptors for plugs. We tend to like eating at Bobbe Jans for BBQ and Mi Banana for Columbian food but have not been to Bonaire for 2 years, so things change. Tourists and locals seem to eat at many of the same spots. There should be several restaurant threads in here...
  14. Doctorfish

    Trip Report Bonaire: Divi Flamingo Resort July 10-17, 2021

    Interested to hear OPs response but I have rarely been out on a day boat anywhere when constraints on depth, time, or both were not set. There might be some leeway under unusual circumstances but they generally need to keep to a schedule. If you want long bottom times on Bonaire, go from shore.
  15. Doctorfish

    Trip Report Bonaire: Divi Flamingo Resort July 10-17, 2021

    I like the house reef at Divi as long as there isn't a giant cruise ship tied up at the pier down the road. I guess that won't be an issue for a while. Your video shows a lot of animals. I always get excited seeing a Chainlink eel, octopus, juvenile Drum or juvenile French Angel. You spotted...
  16. Doctorfish

    Wonderful experience at Buddy Dive

    Glad you had a good trip and thanks for the up to date information.
  17. Doctorfish

    Cayman possible border reopening without quarantine by April or May!

    It all comes down to your reason for the trip. If you come primarily to dive, the destination choice might be very different than if you come to holiday and maybe add some diving. Dricch's extenuating points have merit for some travelers, but for me personally, there is no good reason to go back...
  18. Doctorfish

    Cayman possible border reopening without quarantine by April or May!

    It used to be. As I mentioned above, GC has deteriorated over the years for many reasons. Add in Covid restrictions and Stony Coral Disease and IMO, time to go elsewhere. Brac and LC so far have not had the same reef deterioration and other issues, and are still great Caribbean dive...
  19. Doctorfish

    Cayman possible border reopening without quarantine by April or May!

    Looking forward to Tridacna's report. GC was already off my list because of population, traffic, crime, drunk drivers, high prices, and Stony Coral. I thing Reef Divers / Clearly Cayman made a very smart move here. As a consumer, it's always good to have another good Caribbean diving option...
  20. Doctorfish

    Miami Layover

    i get sphincter spasm with anything less than 60 minutes in MIA, ATL, or O'hare. I just cancelled a trip to Bonaire because Delta changed the flight time out of Toronto so as to leave only 50 minutes in ATL between flights. Between rushing through the airport, not making the flight and/or my...
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