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    Newer Worthington HP100's, Worthington HP120 & Luxfer 19cf Pony Bottle

    2 Worthington HP100's, original hydro 2-12, $500.00. 1 Worthington HP120, original hydro, 6-12, $285.00. Luxfer 19cf, original hydro, 2-10, never used, sales ticket still on valve, $100. South Florida delivery only. Photos available via PM messaging.
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    Is Key Largo a bad idea for winter diving?

    Ocean Divers usually goes out unless a hurricane is on it's way...
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    GUE Fundamentals Class in DFW Texas

    Well, you did your homework and picked the right instructor. Making the drive to High Springs, FL may be worth the absolutely crystal clear visibility along with a year-round constant water temperature of 72 degrees. Throw in a thick canopy of large oak trees as far as you can see...
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    GUE Fundies class report, days 1 and 2

    Go back for it. It's not like you diving in the middle of the Sargasso Sea...
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    Looking for used Halcyon Evolve 40lb Doubles Wing.

    Please also PM any offers or information. Thank you! Scott
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    advice for small and light fins - still good for back kick Hollis F2 or other??

    OMS Slipstreams are still available in very limited quantities from several reputable firms who market via the internet. I just acquired a psi of XL's. Let me know if you have issues locating, if you are still seeking...
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    Florida Lobster Mini-Season Questions & Advise

    Listening to the VHF traffic during the two day affair is truly frightening. Missing divers, boats reporting picking up divers, Etc.
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    Worthington HP130's (slightly used)

    Both cylinders have been sold. Closing thread.
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    Worthington HP130's (slightly used)

    Tanks still for sale...
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    Worthington HP130's (slightly used)

    Fantastic condition. 03/12 original hydro. New visual inspection this month. No shipping. I will drive 50 miles from Palm Beach Gardens, FL in any direction to facilitate the sale. Priced to sell, $275 each. Scott Lasswell 561-309-8111.
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    Whats the deal with fins these days

    If I could perform the back kick properly at all, I would be a convert. Let me know when you will be at the bridge when I could demo. Thanks!
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    Canon DSLRs for Video

    Yes, the Canon 5D Mark II is down to $1,600.00 now...
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    Whats the deal with fins these days

    Dan, I don't see a fin of that description in Force Fins's website. They would need to give me super human capability because they are way dorky looking. :)
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    Mask Leaking is Annoying

    Try a more interesting place for the piercing. Two fold benefit. ;)
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    Digital SPG (Not AI Computer) Manufacturers?

    What you were asking for is a wireless system for which there are many to choose from. Transmitter is connected to a HP port on the 1st stage. However, they are much more expensive than a hose connected AI computer..
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    Digital SPG (Not AI Computer) Manufacturers?

    No such product exists. If it did, it would be much more expensive than a typical AI computer. Look for a slightly used one for sale at a much discounted price...
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    Atomic ST1 with Atomic Z2 Octo

    You might benefit by mentioning your location/shipping point. Good luck!
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    Best Fins for leg cramps AND dealing with current

    Dive Rite's fins keep coming to mind as a possible compromise in power vs. output, needed for sites with current.
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    Problems trimming out

    It seems Bob Sherwood is one of the few who has experience with proper weighting. It shouldn't be that difficult for so many other instructors, but that seems the case...
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