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  1. eleniel

    Do experienced divers need to carry less weight?

    Experience was involved... your original wetsuit was 'experienced'.
  2. eleniel

    how many pairs of fins do you own?

    3 (plus a pair of stubby snorkel fins that I don't count for scuba) 1 pair Mares avanti quattro + 2 pairs of free dive fins (different shape and foot pocket so I can switch it up based off temperature etc) and I'm contemplating picking up a third pair. I used to have tusa split fins (yes yes I...
  3. eleniel

    Fins more flexible than Mares Quattro?

    I used tusa split fins until I built up enough strength in my legs. Now I use the quattros in cold water and free dive fins in warm. The tusa splits were decent for what they were and were a lot easier on my legs and knees.
  4. eleniel

    perils with no dive weight?

    I dive with 0 weight that can be easily ditched - I've had the inflator hose issue where it starts to inflate my gear while I was at depth - I simply detached the hose as soon as I noticed it was happening, vented the extra air, and continued my dive. I pointed it out to my buddy in case I...
  5. eleniel

    Don't know what happened

  6. eleniel

    Don't know what happened

    With SSI he could, in theory, pull off AOW without adding additional training dives (he needs the regular OW dives + 4 specialty courses + 24 total logged dives. He could do specialities that don't require actual diving) but then he'd still need to do the dives for the rescue course. SSI...
  7. eleniel

    computers, cameras etc stolen from utah dive shop

    Late last night/early this morning someone broke into Neptune Divers in SLC, Utah and took off with a Stahlsac full of dive computers and cameras. I don't have a complete list of all items taken but there were a lot of Suunto Eon Core and D5 computers, GoPro 7 and 8 models, SeaLife cameras...
  8. eleniel

    Rescue Diver review poll

    I'm somewhere between 1 and 2 - not monthly but definitely regularly, and some things more often than others depending on complexity, but none really neglected.
  9. eleniel

    Dive plans for 2021 during Covid-19

    Mostly local diving (socially distanced, mostly cool/cold water diving in lakes, a bit of camping thrown in), may do a trip to Cozumel, and tentatively hoping to do a trip to Japan if things open up but that's probably going to be a 2022 trip.
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    I'll definitely need to come back and check these out. I was working all day too and couldn't watch the hearing.
  11. eleniel

    Who "Fails" Open Water Scuba Certification and why

    I didn't certify the first time I went through OW - I didn't technically fail and did well with the academics and skills, I just couldn't physically walk with the gear on so I didn't stand a chance at the OW dive portion and certifying. At the time I was too embarrassed to ask for help - if I...
  12. eleniel

    Newbie Mistake

    My buddy and I were doing a shore dive not long ago. It was a hot day and we had a fairly long and steep walk from our staging area to the entrance to the lake. Our usual routine is to gear up and hang out in the shallows waiting for the other (where we then do a quick check and start the dive)...
  13. eleniel

    New Diver, First Computer

    And those are split fins, yes? And a jacket BCD?
  14. eleniel

    Recommendations for fins?

    I dive Avanti Quattros as my 'general, ,all-purpose' fin - my favorites are long freediving fins but those aren't always suitable. The quattros are my 'go to' when I need something else. They are comfortable and easy to use in a variety of conditions and with different fin kicks, hold up well to...
  15. eleniel

    SOLD!!! Aqualung Pro HD - size L - Price drop!

    No longer available as of today
  16. eleniel

    Regulator Kicked Out of Mouth by New Diver

    I’ve been kicked multiple times by my buddy (nearly always my fault for being that close - really awful visibility makes a fin to the face a sometimes necessary risk. I’ve kicked him too for much the same reason) and multiple times by new and “experienced” divers lacking situational awareness...
  17. eleniel

    BCD weight distribution issues

    My dive buddy/SO has a bolt and has had to do the ankle-weights-around-the-valve to balance out the trim because of the integrated pockets and single tank strap position. He has since switched to a Zeagle - we added trim pouches to his cam bands and all is good.
  18. eleniel

    Has anyone tried this defog

    I've had good experiences with the sunscreen (hilarious coloring aside). I love their leave-in conditioner, especially for detangling my hair after a dive.
  19. eleniel

    Shore Diving in Kauai

    Yep, the vis drops to almost nothing sometimes - particularly if there have been storms lately. I've usually managed to get better vis in those cases by heading out and down (follow the rough horseshoe shape) but I did call a shore dive there before because of the amount of debris in the water...
  20. eleniel

    Teric owners, have you required repair or replacement service?

    So far mine has been fine (manufacturing date December 2019) but it hasn't had much use yet.
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