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  1. uncfnp

    Oh no! My 72s are too small for tech classes! :(

    It would seem that way but until you are diving tech solo you have to carry gas for yourself and your buddy, just like recreational. It’s been awhile since I did the calculations but as I recall, it is not unusual for the smaller buddy (lower sac) to carry larger tanks just to cover their...
  2. uncfnp

    For Sale XS Scuba Dry-Five 5 mm dry gloves size Small and XSmall.

    35 dollars each set including shipping US. Used less than 5 times diving fresh water. There is scuffing on the wrist neoprene with a single partial thickness quarter inch split on the Extra Small gloves. Also scuffing and an eighth inch partial split on the Small set.
  3. uncfnp

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    “Acetaminophen toxicity is the second most common cause of liver transplantation worldwide and the most common cause of liver transplantation in the US. It is responsible for 56,000 emergency department visits, 2,600 hospitalizations, and 500 deaths per year in the United States.”...
  4. uncfnp

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    One of the best responses I have seen. Logical and well thought out.
  5. uncfnp

    What was your experience with covid testing turnaround time

    A bit paranoid are they? And how do they disinfectant those gloves between individuals?
  6. uncfnp

    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    To get my vote you will need a “none” option.
  7. uncfnp

    Some COVID-19 Updates

    Are you a medical professional to be giving medical advice and promoting current guidelines for medical care?
  8. uncfnp

    When is it okay to abandon your dive buddy?

    Here is the mistake. He signaled for attention. You looked back but did not communicate with your buddy. Then continued you dive. What was your buddy doing when you looked back?
  9. uncfnp

    Want to Buy Beginner tray/arm/video light setup for Olympus epl10/AOI housing
  10. uncfnp

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Thanks guys. We did book cabin 11. While new to live aboards we are otherwise fairly well seasoned travelers and have done well with small spaces including one stay in a tiny house in cave country. On a recent Socorro trip the only time in cabin was sleeping so I am willing to adapt to save...
  11. uncfnp

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Thanks Redfoot. On your advice and the fact the trip is in April (doubt we will spend any time in the room) we have requested cabin 11.
  12. uncfnp

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Cabin 11 is the small bunk room with skylight. Not ideal but at least it is cheaper.
  13. uncfnp

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Eric and I are hoping to dive the Aquacat spring 2022. Not a lot of options left. Has anyone stayed in cabin11? Any storage?
  14. uncfnp

    Lightheaded for too long!!

    I suggest it might not be directly related to diving and if ENT visits have not been successful consider switching gears and see a neurologist.
  15. uncfnp

    COVID recovery and high gas usage

    I can think of three general reasons air consumption might be a bit higher post covid Anxiety/stress of returning to diving after covid. General deconditioning post illness. Lung changes including covid pneumonia which have been report with even mild covid.
  16. uncfnp

    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    If you are smart probably me :wink: but by looks alone it would be Eric. And suggests that searches are promoted by more than just what is seen on screen.
  17. uncfnp

    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I am not sure we can ever identify one single thing that prompts a search. Seems to be as variable as the people manning the monitor. Eric’s carryon and mine are essentially identical (Freedom backplates with wings, regs, computers, mask, reel and smb, light, video gear). Mine are rarely...
  18. uncfnp

    Mystery ear pain

    This is our doctormike. Not surprisingly it is well written and covers many of the ear problems encountered by divers. The review of ear anatomy alone makes it worth reading and helps clarify the different issues and treatments needed for each part of the ear, outer, middle and inner ear. Ear...
  19. uncfnp

    Possible Last Minute Trip to Jupiter/WPB 8/28-29/21

    Which dive sites did you go to Saturday?
  20. uncfnp

    Community link from main page needs updating

    Same thing for me
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