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  1. GameChanger

    Best Places in the World for Dive Master & Instructor Training?

    I had to switch/exchange gear on the bottom of La Jolla Cove when I did my OW course with NASDS back in 1972...Some of the more advanced skills today were all basic skill requirements for NASDS OW "back in the day"...
  2. GameChanger

    Secrets pier charge increased

    The Secrets pier is a tad high, but very doable. Every Dive Op I saw had crew exit the boat and assist you in boarding. If an old fat guy like me can do it, anyone can!
  3. GameChanger

    Secrets pier charge increased

    If you are staying at Secrets, do you still have to pay? It wasn't so last April... Also, I bought tickets for every day of my stay at RR, but I noticed that it was hit & miss for the pier police to ask for the pier band. Even then, there was nothing preventing you from just showing the same...
  4. GameChanger

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    I paid 200 MX pesos each way from/to Residence Reef to "town" just last month.
  5. GameChanger

    New Cozumel scuba scavenger hunt

    What in tarnation is he/she doing with the fin??? Is that part of the games??
  6. GameChanger

    Help with planning a Coz dive trip

    +1 for Blue Angel. If you must have AI, BA offers an AI plan for meals. You get a free breakfast with their standard room booking though. It is a great breakfast too! My morning routine is to go to the restaurant that overlooks the ocean and have coffee and a light breakfast while I wait for...
  7. GameChanger

    TUSA's Lack of Customer Service

    I bought the Tusa Paragon mask at Leisure Pro. They told me to contact Tusa since I bought it in May 2020. Tusa masks have a 3-year warranty. The warranty is useless if they do not communicate with customers. (circular conversation...)
  8. GameChanger

    Barracuda/San Juan in late July?

    I know Blue Angel will dive Barracuda if there are enough experienced divers on board.
  9. GameChanger

    TUSA's Lack of Customer Service

    I tried contacting Tusa's "Customer Service" by using the link on their website to get info on replacing a mask buckle that fell off during a dive. (Another story for carrying a spare). After a few days with no response, I sent a 2nd inquiry via email ( After a few days, I...
  10. GameChanger

    What thickness wetsuit for Coz in January?

    I dive Coz in the winter months with a 3mm. The rest of the time it's just a 1mm rashguard L/S top and 1mm tech pants.
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    Changes that Senior divers make?

    WOW! This sure brought back some fond memories of growing up in San Diego! The Dive Locker was one of my hangouts, along with SDDS (San Diego Divers Supply) and New England Divers. I bought my first custom-made wetsuit from the Dive Locker, I knew Marty Snyderman (underwater photographer)...
  12. GameChanger

    Changes that Senior divers make?

    I am 66 yrs young. I have recently added stretching to my pre-dive routines. I do this because I noticed I was getting leg cramps on just about every dive while doing frog kicks. I do a ton of cardio too. I also have regular physicals with a doctor who understands diving stuff. I have had ear...
  13. GameChanger

    Question regarding AA into Cozumel

    As of this week, on AA Business Class/First Class to COZ, you get your choice of either cheese & fruit plate or a turkey sammich. You still get beverage service, including alcohol.
  14. GameChanger

    Question regarding AA into Cozumel

    ^^^^^THIS. I always fly First/Business Class on AA to Cozumel, DFW-CZM. The enhanced baggage perks are a big plus for me because I carry all my gear (sans tank & weights), although I do have a weighted STA in my BP/W. It is 2X 70 lb bags per passenger too. So, when I travel to Coz with my...
  15. GameChanger

    To go or no? (covid)

    I just returned from a 10-day dive trip to Coz. Honestly, if I just came out of a coma and woke up in Coz, with the exception of the local's wearing makes, I would not have known there were any sort of pandemic concerns. Just about every restaurant, bar, store, etc was open for business. Now, I...
  16. GameChanger

    To go or no? (covid)

    I am not doubting you at all about the 30% figure. I have seen this posted on several Coz FB pages. The odd thing is that nobody seems to have a source for the 30% figure. Do you know what the source is? (That I have seen anyway...) Thanks!
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    Covid help

  18. GameChanger

    Cayman possible border reopening without quarantine by April or May!

    I used to rotate my quarterly dive trips between the Caymans and Cozumel. I have been going to Cozumel exclusively since the start of the pandemic-related closure of the Caymans by the government. This has afforded me the opportunity to realize the cost-benefit of Cozumel compared to GC...
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    East side beaches overrun

    It was really bad and stinky a couple of days ago.
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