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  1. Sol518

    Bonaire Night Dive - Advice/Suggestions for First Timers?

    I think they may have been talking about the operation next to Bari Reef. Buddy would have had to do some remodeling to be able to lock the dock.
  2. Sol518

    Ballast change from 50F to 80F water?

    I bet you’d be pretty close to neutral with the steel backplate and a swimsuit, maybe a little overweighted.. For perspective I’m 6’ 160 lbs. When I’m in Bonaire diving with an aluminum backplate, 3mm full suit and booties, hat, and neoprene pocket shorts I use 4 Lbs. As far as suit thickness...
  3. Sol518

    Bonaire-National Park, Is it worth it?

    I’d say it depends on what you are looking for. Looking for as many dives as possible? Maybe not worth it. OK with 2 dives on an all day adventure? It’s a good time. I though the dives were a little better, but maybe that was just luck. There are some other stops you can make. Old buildings, a...
  4. Sol518

    Closed: Perdix AI - No Transmitter - $750

    Perdix AI in excellent condition. There is a scuff on one corner - see attached picture. Has been used for 80 dives. PayPal preferred. Shipping within continental US included.
  5. Sol518

    Teric SAC rate confusion

    I think I recall reading at one point that Sheerwater ignores the first couple minutes of the dive so the SAC isn’t affected by inflating the BC. I don’t remember where I heard that but I’ll see if I can find it later. That could explain why the average is different depending on where you look.
  6. Sol518

    Question about shore diving in Bonaire

    I’ve used these for 50+ shore dives on Bonaire at a wide assortment of sites and I’ve never felt like I needed more protection or support. TROPICAL 3MM BOOT
  7. Sol518

    Closed: Technical Diving - An Introduction by Mark Powell

    When I ordered my copy the vendor messed up and sent me two copies. After contacting them they asked me to donate the extra to a local library or charity. Since I don’t think it’ll get much use in my local library I’ve decided to sell it for a donation. So I have a copy available for a $40...
  8. Sol518

    Opening your eyes with contacts

    I can open my eyes with contacts in, haven’t lost one yet but I avoid it as much as possible. Also my prescription is weak enough that if I lose one during a dive it’s an inconvenience, not something that would affect my safety. I can still read my computer, compass, etc. As far as the dangers...
  9. Sol518


    Yup, I’m just revising my idea that the line should continue at X% of the M-value. (Not parallel thanks @rsingler )
  10. Sol518


    Going back to the graph, I agree that the ceiling line doesn’t need to exist before(to the right of) the first stop. I think it would make the graph to cluttered to add it, but theoretically there could be a line at X% of the M-value (GFLow). The point at which your ascent intersects that line...
  11. Sol518


    I’m not talking about changing the GFLow. I’m saying the depth at which you would reach reach the GFLow if you were to ascend at that moment changes throughout the dive base on time, depth and mix. The point I was referring to as the right end of the ceiling Is the first stop.
  12. Sol518


    I think I’m trying to say the same thing. If you were able to add time to the graph by animating it, the point that is the right end of the ceiling, which is what I was referring to (not clearly or correctly) as GFLow, would change based of those variables - time, mix, and depth.
  13. Sol518


    Got it, that makes sense to me. Rephrasing to make sure, the GFLow point becomes defined what you get to a point that a compartment is at X% of the M-value. That point can be predicted when you begin you ascent, but can change based of your ascent rate. Once that point is defined it creates...
  14. Sol518


    It seems to me that the ceiling line should be parallel to the ambient pressure line to the right of the first stop. That’s what triggers the first stop. When that first stop it triggered the angle changes and it connects the point that triggered the first stop and the point that represents the...
  15. Sol518

    Leaky masks and Mustache sealants & wax

    I have found that there is a sweet spot for length where I don’t have any mask leak. Too long or too short and it leaks. For my it’s 3/8” but I imagine it depends on what each person’s hair is like.
  16. Sol518

    Responding to emergencies

    I wrote this post as a reply in the Most Frightening Moments thread. Thinking about it I thought it would be valuable and get more visibility as it's own thread. Mods - feel free to delete if you'd rather not have the double post. In reading through the thread I notice some common themes from...
  17. Sol518

    Lessons Most frightening moments

    A few notes directed at the people who have been involved in rescues. I know that it is human nature to beat yourself up about what you could have done better, but give yourselves some credit. The fact that you acted instead of panicking and freezing up gave the victims a much higher chance of...
  18. Sol518

    Wetsuit for Very Tall & Skinny Guy?

    I'm not as tall, but skinny for my height (6' 165 lbs) and Bare is the best fit I've found. Check out their size chart, they have a good range of sizes.
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