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  1. Catito

    Cozumel what to expect now

    Thanks for all the info guys. So how does the test work to leave coz and go back to the us? Within three days you stop by a hospital and get swabbed? How long does it take, do you need an appt and how much does it cost? And how quick are the results? My gf last time needed a prescription filled...
  2. Catito

    Cozumel what to expect now

    We were in Playa in August and dove PDC, the cenotes, and Cozumel. Everything was great. No stink. Nice coral and fish, great cenotes diving with CenotEXperience.
  3. Catito

    Trip Report There be monsters in Pensacola waters

    But why? A lobster that big…doesn’t it just taste like cardboard?
  4. Catito

    New fin recommendations?

    A little pricy, eh Scubadada!
  5. Catito

    Trip Report Juliet - Bimini - Oct 2-8

    Oh boy. Thanks. I doubt my Buddy will agree to a 6 hr terrible boat ride.
  6. Catito

    ... put more women in charge ... to foster collaborative conversations

    Stereotypical behaviors? Society? Nature/nurture. I used to care, now I don’t. I just want to dive—-conflict is minimalized under the sea.
  7. Catito

    ... put more women in charge ... to foster collaborative conversations

    No need for me to be harsh. I think it was a harmless post.
  8. Catito

    I want to be fit & trim - but HATE exercising!

    Well…I see, I think, the point you are trying to make…but I think it was an innocent comment. My Mom might have written the same. Generational.
  9. Catito

    Trip Report Juliet - Bimini - Oct 2-8

    Thank you for the report. Very helpful. I have been considering the Juliet for a four day trip from Miami. The crossing does not sound appealing. Is it two hours or more? Loved the Stargazer. I have only seen one…of course at the Blue Heron Bridge.
  10. Catito

    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    I have a video at 60 ft of a school of spadefish doing the same on the sand bottom. This summer off Palm Beach.
  11. Catito

    ... put more women in charge ... to foster collaborative conversations

    Where on ScubaBoard? It would help to see the post.
  12. Catito

    Solo Female Yucatan Trip - Safety Concerns

    I recommend that you dive with CenotExperience, stay off the roads at night, and go with your gut feeling.
  13. Catito

    Lauderdale by the Sea- Trip Questions

    I dive LBTS almost every weekend with friends. We surface swim about 30 to 40 mins before dropping down. Nice reef system if you go out that far. Take a dive flag!
  14. Catito

    Want to Buy Small Used BCD

    I have one. Used less tha 1 yr. great shape. Zeagle Marina small. Steal at $200.
  15. Catito

    Alachua Sink vs. Alachua Sink

    I know that the one in Payne’s Prairie is FULL of gators.
  16. Catito

    PDC - Good shop to work with if bringing my student down to finish OW

    Or Carlos at Cenotes…great place.
  17. Catito

    Some pics from Aug/Sept trip

    Super nice photos. Thanks
  18. Catito

    Key Largo Accomodations- Early December

    Call Rainbow Reef. They have an incredible dive/ Marriott package. We are going in early Dec. I think our room is $135/night. Rates for the Marriott right near their boat are now $400/night
  19. Catito

    Nitrox shortage????

    Oh wow. Missed it. Great deal!
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