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  1. DSR-3

    Camera question at the airport ?

    Last June, I brought a camera backpack overloaded with a camera, Nauticam housing, strobes, arms, lights, a second camera (TG), lots of batteries, and a laptop. No questions asked.
  2. DSR-3

    Cayman Aggressor: When does it become too much?

    I learned about Agressor's harsh policy while on another boat, with a guy who's wife had passed away before they made the trip as booked. Let's just say Agressor was way-less than caring in a terrible situation. Lame.
  3. DSR-3

    AA Changed Flts with no Notification

    No, but they tried to. We got a direct flight in first class, but to SFO vs SJC- so another half-hour drive for the pickup. A fair solution, so not complaining. re. the Texas storm route; One trip to Coz with the whole family, weather was nasty, and we attempted to be the last ones to land...
  4. DSR-3

    Trip Report May 17-31, Fiesta Am/Coz Palace, Scuba w/Alison/AquaSafari

    re. Palace; We have found that beyond the initial investment, the difference between member vs not is around -10%, no "1,500 points" (we've never used enough to care too much), and no airport transportation. We've stayed using weeks, and not.
  5. DSR-3

    AA Changed Flts with no Notification

    re. United; On our trip last week that included the "mexican standoff" with the taxis, United conveniently re-booked us for the new plane the next morning to IAH, but opted to add another leg and layover in Denver afterwards, also moving us to separate seats in coach for our first class...
  6. DSR-3

    Taxi hostages and running the gauntlet!

    Of course we weren't "hostages", and some did cave to the "mafia" and take cabs. The drivers simply pushed the red cabs back a few feet, let them through, and pushed them back. 'Points for them going green!
  7. DSR-3

    Taxi hostages and running the gauntlet!

    The fact that the police stood and observed all of this, combined with my lack of spanish language skills made it pretty obvious that getting involved was not a good option. However, the taxis sat in neutral and the drivers didn't look that tough... :)
  8. DSR-3

    Taxi hostages and running the gauntlet!

    Home at last... re. Covid tests expiring, I wondered the same thing, but ours were only 24 hours old so didn't ask. The next day our test results were not re-checked. I didn't hear any complaints or comments from others (for that!). >We paid about $10 to go from Cozumel Palace to the airport...
  9. DSR-3

    Taxi hostages and running the gauntlet!

    So after 10 days of enjoying our first trip to Cozumel in 2 years, we were all set for the return home. Timed our airport arrival well, sat for a few, boarded the plane and settled in. Then, the first pilot announcement comes- there was an alarm that wouldn't stop (assume that is was "false"?)...
  10. DSR-3

    May Roll Call

    We're heading there in 6 hours! I think it's our 5th time there- always great for us. *I see that they now have an Indian restaurant 2 nights a week, and lost the Italian (not our favorite).
  11. DSR-3

    May Roll Call

    We're booked! DSR-3 and non-diver wife 5/24 - 6/2 Cozumel Palace Salty Endeavors Thinking of looking for another couple to split a full or half-day charter with the wives. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. DSR-3

    Trip Report Cozumel Palace & AquaSafari March 2021

    I wish Aqua Safari still had the "fast boat" option. Used it for all of 1 trip and was good. The 1 time I did a night dive from the regular AS boat (I would call it a cattle boat), it was huge, SLOW, stinky, and just not my thing. The guys in the shop at the Palace once let me and another diver...
  13. DSR-3

    Trip Report Cozumel Palace & AquaSafari March 2021

    re. the Palace, I can confirm that yes, it really is that good! We've been at least 5x (also stayed at 4 other hotels). Just this weekend, I used the "day after the shot" excuse to lay around in the back yard. All my wife and I could do was remember the great times at the palace; "yes, more...
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    Cozumel Palace Balcony 2019
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    What's the benefit of American Air's Business Class Now?

    *Moving to the head of the line, or getting the short line. I've had more than a few instances of skipping lines that were HUGE. It's almost embarassing sometimes to walk past people who have been and will be there for a long time. Even when the lines are normal, it's still nice to get priority.
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    Where should I live in Florida

    Any thoughts on Flagler Beach area? I've not been there, but it's looked like the kind of place that had potential for retirement for a while. I too was into social distancing before it was cool... This "villages place" sounds like reality TV for those that can't work the remote!
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    Where should I live in Florida

    Great thread, please keep it coming! I would like to hear the story about the comments above...
  19. DSR-3

    HOG or OMS

    I hope you get a response, as I have the same questions. The 25% off sale that just hit makes it quite tempting!
  20. DSR-3

    Wide angles - AOI or Inon?

    I don't see any references to fitting with an NA-LX10. Any thoughts on why not? I'm not sure what to think about the (new) bayonet mount. It sounds like swapping to my Sub-See won't get any easier. I guess they are going to steer customers to a full NA system.
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