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  1. dhaas

    For Sale Inon UWL-100 M67 Type 2 Wide Angle Lens

    Inon UWL-100 M67 Type 2 wide angle lens with glass dome. $300.00 plus shipping or make offer Shipping in two business days from Confirmed PayPal payment. (NOTE: due to being away shipping would be after 10/13) US only, no returns. Email questions to: davidhaas4596 or text / call...
  2. dhaas

    For Sale Ikelite Housing and Canon G5X camera

    Barely used Ikelite housing and Canon G5X camera with spare genuine Canon battery (two batteries) and charger. DUAL Ikelite tray included also (not shown) $650.00 plus shipping and insurance and offers accepted. Shipping in two business with confirmed PayPal or Zelle payment only. No returns...
  3. dhaas

    For Sale Fantasea FG7X II Housing

  4. dhaas

    For Sale Fantasea FG7X II Housing

    Below is my spare Fantasea FG7X II housing for the Canon G7X II compact camera. It’s the model I recommend the most and delivers great photos easily. This housing has barely been in the water and includes all factory accessories, manual, etc. $300.00 plus actual shipping cost. Shipping in 2...
  5. dhaas

    For Sale Ikelite Housing for Sony RX100 VI / VII and Filter

    Accepting offers for this practically unused housing. Contact directly: Phone EST zone: 330-329-5981
  6. dhaas

    For Sale Lightweight Tray and arms

    SOLD ...............
  7. dhaas

    Glue Sealife strobe arm????

    See my for sale tray and arms including long Locline segment arms. For Sale - Lightweight Tray and arms Plenty of pieces / parts to keep you shooting a long time :)
  8. dhaas

    For Sale Ikelite Housing for Sony RX100 VI / VII and Filter

    BUMP.........New details above :)
  9. dhaas

    For Sale Lightweight Tray and arms

    Lightweight 12" tray with two sets of Flex arms. Multiple slots to attach compact camera housings, smartphone housings, GoPro, etc. LoclIne 3/4" bases with 12" LoclIne arms and YS style strobe or video light top mounts. You can shorten the arms by popping apart segments and re-attaching. Extra...
  10. dhaas

    [Seeking Advice]: Deliberative Terrestrial Photographer Seeks Robust First Underwater Rig

    See this thread: Ideas for small footprint compact camera setup? My take is no matter how much you want a DSLR or Mirrorless ILC underwater you can capture great pics and videos 90-100% with a good compact. While the Olympus TG-6 gets rave reviews my opinion is the sensor is too small. For...
  11. dhaas

    For Sale Ikelite Housing for Sony RX100 VI / VII and Filter

    Still available. See details in edited ad above.
  12. dhaas

    For Sale Ikelite Housing for Sony RX100 VI / VII and Filter

    SOLD........... Ikelite housing for Sony for RX100 VI and VII camera models, like new condition used twice. This housing works with the Sony RX100 VI or RX100 VII cameras. Allow full zoom of 24-200mm lens. Full controls and optical flash ports for triggering an underwater flash from camera's...
  13. dhaas

    Advice on a good laptop for editing

    I'll throw a completely different idea out. First, I'm an Apple user with the wife having an iPad, we have two iPhone and an iMac 27" Retina display desktop. I also have a late 2014 old MacBook Air 11" laptop which is very light and small which I've traveled all over the world with. For some...
  14. dhaas

    Inon Z330 strobe light shade

    With my Z330 the technique described of NOT squeezing the ring works perfectly to remove and clean the ring. Kevin at REEF Photo is spot on with his advice. I left the shade on all the time for some protection of the dome plus keeping light away from the lens when shooting single strobe...
  15. dhaas

    Video Light for Photography?

    My insights are my own and primarily evolved from my laziness LOL..... After years of hauling huge SLR systems around the world I sold it all and converted to a compact Canon G7X II in the Fantasea housing. I too dreamed of using a video light (fixed lighting) versus strobe(s) which I've used a...
  16. dhaas

    which housing allows the best and easiest camera control?

    AOI is the actual OEM manufacturer of Fantasea housings, the Olympus EP-L and TG series and they are great. I've used and sold Ikelite, Aquatica and since becoming a Fantasea dealer (and actual user) the buttons on the Fantasea simply work great. With over 1,000 dives on my compact Fantasea...
  17. dhaas

    For Sale Nikon Camera and Lenses

    NIkon 80-200mm f2.8 ED Lens SOLD.
  18. dhaas

    Ideas for small footprint compact camera setup?

    Great insights and photo from Barmaglot comparing the two housings. Keep the varied advice coming :) David Haas Haas Photography Inc.
  19. dhaas

    Ideas for small footprint compact camera setup?

    jf3193 and others, I'm glad the information and opinions you're getting in this thread are helping you make a decision. It sounds like it's down to either a fixed lens choice between the Olympus TG-6 (spectacular macro plus other features), the Canon G7X / G7X II or Sony RX100 models (I'd...
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