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  1. Jill Heinerth

    When Icebergs Melt and Pieces Break Off, Sea Levels Rise?

    I’m traveling and don’t have time or bandwidth to read the entire thread. In a nutshell... I was speaking about icebergs that calve from the Greenland Ice Sheet that transfer glacier (land) ice to ocean thus creating sea level rise as they melt.
  2. Jill Heinerth

    How Your Diving Computer Works - Part One

    As the Suunto Diving Ambassador, I am making a series of short informational videos to help describe how diving computers work. This first episode looks at basic physics and physiology with tips on safe ascent procedures.
  3. Jill Heinerth

    Need Help with Article on Getting Bent

    I'm working on an article for DIVER Magazine about DCI hits. If you are willing to answer a few questions, please email your response to: Thanks! Please let me know if you wish to be anonymous or if you would not mind sharing your name with a quote: IF YOU HAVE BEEN BENT...
  4. Jill Heinerth

    Conestoga - St Lawrence, as clear as it gets

    Great job on the video!
  5. Jill Heinerth

    For Sale Jill Heinerth's Giant Estate Sale Dec. 9/10 - plenty of tec gear

    No, I remain a dual citizen and will be here lots. I just can't maintain a 10-acre property with more than half my year traveling on projects all over the world! Springs will always be in my heart.
  6. Jill Heinerth

    For Sale Jill Heinerth's Giant Estate Sale Dec. 9/10 - plenty of tec gear

    I'm moving to Canada and having a huge downsizing Estate Sale next weekend!! I will have signed art/photography, scuba gear, expedition memorabilia, film production gear, household goods, books, tools, musical instruments, yard equipment, kayaks, camping gear and so much more. Priced to sell...
  7. Jill Heinerth

    For Sale: KISS Baby Booster Pump in Pelican case $1500 OBO

    Everything is included. Just plug in the tanks and you are good to boost.
  8. Jill Heinerth

    For Sale: KISS Baby Booster Pump in Pelican case $1500 OBO

    For the uninitiated: A booster is used to increase the pressure in your tanks and can also be used for transfer filling from one tank to another if you don't have any drive gas available. I use it to fill or top up rebreather bottles and save me trips to the dive shop. It is really convenient...
  9. Jill Heinerth

    For Sale: KISS Baby Booster Pump in Pelican case $1500 OBO

    Selling my personal KISS Baby Booster Pump in Pelican case - used $1500 (retail $2600) ADM Magazine Article for information: Baby Gas Booster • ADVANCED DIVER MAGAZINE It is in great condition and I have some rebuild parts and a...
  10. Jill Heinerth

    Explorer Rebreather for Sale - Excellent Condition

    Explorer rebreather for sale to certified user, excellent condition, lots of spares including rebuild kit, tank, CO2 sensors, desiccant, Steramine, Christolube. You will need to use your own fresh oxygen sensors as I will not ship with sensors. Completely factory refurbished LSS has not even...
  11. Jill Heinerth

    Women in Technical Diving Panel at TekDiveUSA in April 2016

    I'll be a part of a panel for Women in Technical Diving at April 22-24, 2016. I'd love to know about some of the issues or topics that women would be interested in talking about. Jill Heinerth
  12. Jill Heinerth

    Having to use bailout bottle

    Once for me. And once brought a carbon dioxide hit buddy home using a shocking amount of bailout from both our supplies.
  13. Jill Heinerth

    Why is there no easy way to find an instructor?

    Hi Octopusprime, A friend just let me know that you were looking for video instruction. Feel free to email me at if you are interested. My website IntoThePlanet has a lot more info about me. Cheers. Jill
  14. Jill Heinerth

    Things you've found under water

    A wad of rolled up American currency in a closet in the wreck of the Roatan Express in the Gulf of Mexico.
  15. Jill Heinerth

    Best Dry Suits for Women?

    Look at Santi's Ladies First line. They come full custom but also have a huge range of off the rack sizes that can be fitted with the right sized boots etc.
  16. Jill Heinerth

    Tobermory Canada Chamber Needs Your Help

    The Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility is raising funds for improvement of services. When I used to teach out of Tobermory, we were able to offer highly valuable classes at the chamber. Divers could learn about hyperbaric medicine and also experience narcosis first hand. The experience opened a lot...
  17. Jill Heinerth

    Sidemount 101 Workshop at Beneath the Sea by Jill Heinerth - March 28 - 1-4pm

    As the co-author and director of the first full-color text and training film dedicated to sidemount diving, I'll discuss configuration, safety and training while sharing spectacular images from expeditions around the world. It’s easy to throw on a couple of tanks, but if you want to fast track...
  18. Jill Heinerth


    Hi Reef Wrecker, I'm back form Cuba and catching up on this great thread. You can download sidemount DVD here: Sidemount Diving Cheers! Jill
  19. Jill Heinerth


    I appreciate your thoughts Diver0001. This is about feelings in addition to factual research. Perceptions and anecdotal experiences are valid and important. I may perceive a comment as offensive, though the person who made it, may not have meant it in that manner. I'm trying to get a barometer of...
  20. Jill Heinerth


    Great question... I was actually trying not to lead the discussion to hear what everyone thought it might entail. Is it discrimination? Is there different treatment of women on charters? Is there different treatment of women as consumers? How about sexual harassment? I think it all folds into...
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