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    Should I buy a drysuit or is a 8/7 a good choice as well?

    A properly fitted drysuit that you dive all year round becomes easy to use and very familiar. You learn how to layer to match dive and surface conditions. You can quickly unzip and wear half mast or remove totally during surface intervals. As you extend your range through depth, duration, or...
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    Diving Santee Lakes in San Diego County

    Santee town is 345' elevation and lake surface is likely close to 300'. I would be more worried about fresh water parasites than altitude... Many modern dive computers can calculate for altitude.
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    Oldest Dive shop in Orange County

    Thank you!
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    Death of a recreational diver after a fall on board MV Elaine

    I can only speak to personal experience and say that "shock" can do screwy things to your good judgement. Smacked myself up pretty badly once and immediately after the incident I was "ready to go". Fortunately I was held back by others. 10-15 minutes passed and the pain set in and the...
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    Oldest Dive shop in Orange County

    IMO, I could not care less about the "age of the store". All comes down to the quality of instruction and age of store does not equal quality instructor. Certainly "age of the store" does not even guarantee quality or selection of goods to choose from. Since you are suggesting to "others" how...
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    Gue bar-b-que and dpv race

    Reviewing the rules on the waiver - 1. My BCD "power inflator" is connected to a 27CF diluant bottle on my rebreather. 2. Pretty much the weight of my rebreather requires no additional weights so I don't have "quick release weights". Will this be an issue?
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    Another DIVE Shop closes it's doors. :(

    LDS/Internet is not either/or and any store can implement a web store anytime. One of the most successful stores online is bricks and mortar... Dive Right In Scuba.
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    Recreational NDL times ?

    Absolutely - Manually calculate based on depth or get the calculation from a Shearwater with either 1 or 2 right button clicks as you start a dil flush. It will pass validation as the unit only has O2 sensors but there's nowhere you can enter the Helium fraction so its benefits are not...
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    Recreational NDL times ?

    LOL - Sorry - No. Air for dil. The recreational rebreathers will self check FO2 on the pre dive test and fail if its out of spec. Real rebreathers will perform a O2/dil gas test as part of their standard predive tests.
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    Recreational NDL times ?

    You are correct. CCR Diluant can never exceed a PPO2 of 1.6 (or lower) for your target depth else you would have no way to flush your loop PPO2 down (if it gets too high). Dil is always going to be Normoxic (16%-21%) or Hypoxic (10%-15%) adding helium to mitigate nitrogen narcosis and lessen...
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    Recreational NDL times ?

    Purchase vplanner and you can switch between OC and CCR and see your associated gas requirements - Simply and assuming 3L onboard dil + O2, irrespective of depth, for a CCR you are time constrained for your primary onboard gas likely to 180 minutes in water due to O2 exposure at a PPO2 of...
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    Poseidon Mark VI

    How much did that 48M battery upgrade cost? No electronics redundancy? I don't train or sell MKVI's so I could not care less what people dive, only that there are many better units to choose from. You can confirm the head needs to go back to Sweden or is there somewhere in the USA that now...
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    Poseidon Mark VI

    The short answer is no. They are expensive to purchase, expensive to dive, and expensive to maintain and a unit like the MKVI is incur considerable downtime with head issues requiring shipping back to home base for service/repair. Sidemount Twin 100's with Nitrox would be cheaper, safer and...
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    Rigid Hull Inflatable at Ship Rock

    Wow! Not what I said. Guess what I'm thinking now?
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    Rigid Hull Inflatable at Ship Rock

    Everyone complains when individuals speculate in the accidents section - Why are we judging/speculating here? You have no idea of the individual divers skills and by your own questioning, don't appear to have a good handle on rebreather diving. As far as skills are concerned there are plenty...
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    Why did you choose your rebreather?

    The Meg's a great unit but he picked his cuts wisely - Pretty much all rebreathers are sunk if the inhale side of the loop was compromised. The revo's lungs are enclosed in a Titanium or Stainless steel cage.
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    Boat Dive Incident in Monterey 1/19/13

    Many? How about some NDL computers have built in timers. The multi gas trimix computers I have dived have timers on the main screen... You just count off three minutes - they also don't like ascent rates greater than 30'/min. Safety stops are not "mandatory" irrespective of whether the computer...
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    Why did you choose your rebreather?

    Its a good unit with good support also used by some "government agencies". rEvo. Independent electronics and you can strip out components and still have a unit you can dive. Dive it mCCR, hCCR, eCCR ~$10K with training new or around $5K-7K second hand Extended range diving or gas extension...
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    Dive buddy

    Where will you be staying? Later in the week we will have an idea of conditions.
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    What shops pump nitrox in LA and South Bay?

    Nitrox: - Pacific Wilderness, San Pedro - Hollywood Divers, Hollywood/LA - Ocean Adventures, Venice Beach - Eco Diver Center, Culver (I believe also has Nitrox.) - Dive N Surf, Redondo Beach is installing a Nitrox system this year with the new building that is going up. O2: - Pacific...
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